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Emaan  Farhan
Emaan Farhan
Westminster School And College
Believe In Yourself (4)
Published On Jul 26th 2012
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Back at home, Annie took out her paints, glitter, brushes, crayons, markers, glue and stickers to make the posters and badges. Day after tomorrow was the final election speech day, and the day after that the class president would be announced. "Okay, Today I have to go pick out a kitten at the pet store, too. As soon as I am finished with my work." Annie said to herself as she coloured the N in her name with a green marker.
Annie dusted the glitter off her skirt and admired her work. The badges were beautifully made; the posters were as sparkly and eye-catching. Annie took her bag with her secrets diary and her teal pen so she could write something while she waited for the bus to arrive. Buses arrived very late in Houston, Texas. Annie took some money from her pocket money wallet and hurried off to the bus station. When she sat down next to an old lady, who was also waiting for the bus, she wrote: I'm sitting next to an old lady, at the bus station. Okay, she looks kind of old fashioned, but her sparkly feather earrings are rated TDF!! (To Die For). Soon the bus arrived and Annie sat next to a little girl, probably in 2nd grade, who was licking an ice cream. Annie noticed that Angeline was also sitting in the same bus. In fact, she was sitting in front of her. Annie wrote some more as the bus went rumbling by to the nearest pet shop. Annie got off, not noticing Angeline getting off, too. Annie picked out a fabulous white kitten, named Sparkles. Angeline picked out another, a white cat with a black patch over her right eye. His name was Muffin. Annie didn't notice when her back slipped off her arm and landed on Angeline's head, as she bent down to look at some playful hamsters. Angeline looked inside the bag, and found Annie’s secrets diary.
Find out more in Part 5! Coming up as soon as possible!
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Comments 18
Emaan Urwa, you're just like me! Candy Apple, Rainbow Magic, Chronicles of Narnia, all we both adore. Do you like Jacqueline Wilson? She's my favourite! Emaan
Dec 7th 2012
Urwa I like Candy Apple books, The Boy Next Door, The Accidental Cheerleader, etc etc Urwa
Dec 3rd 2012
Momina Emaan, its the same problem with me and my bro, cant do anything with him in the room, thank GOD he's playin with my cuz right now. .; . . . . rockin' awesome story dudette!! Momina
Dec 1st 2012
Emaan Thanksss SOOO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emaan
Oct 3rd 2012
Amna Great Amna
Sep 30th 2012
zainab Yeah i know half of my family lives in america i am proud to be a paqkistan americans have no shame for anything pakistan zindabad Zainab
Aug 31st 2012
Emaan She just wanted akitten. You know kids in America do everything themselves without adult's permission. :D Anyways I'm proud to be a pakistani! Emaan
Aug 31st 2012
zainab Why did she want a kitten Zainab
Aug 30th 2012
Aiman Emaan your story is faboulous and i wanted to tell you that i also love Candy Apple Books seriously:) Aiman
Aug 5th 2012
Emaan Zainab: At Liberty Books, or any other famous and well kept book shops. Emaan
Jul 30th 2012
zainab Eiman where can I find candy apple books Zainab
Jul 29th 2012
Emaan Thank you all! If you want to read more stories like these, read Miss Popularity or Winner Takes All (Candy Apple bOOKS) Infact, Candy Apple inspired me to write like this and I simply love them :-) You can also see the candy apple sign in my picture :D Candy apple booksare about fun, friendship,love and life, that's why I like them most! Emaan
Jul 29th 2012
l Emaan,It looks like u read a lot of stories coz in stories they describe everything as deep as possible and u u said ''while colouring the n in her name..."..And i like the way too.....ur writing style is awesome... L
Jul 28th 2012
Sidra Well, its ok but write the next part soon i cant wait!! Sidra
Jul 28th 2012
Aisha Love this part and I am sure the next part will be even more nice......Plz publish it soon.... Aisha
Jul 28th 2012
Raniah Omg . . . its awesome !!!!! Raniah
Jul 28th 2012
Emaan Why, Thank you Sidra,and sorry if my story was short, it was because my little brother wanted the computer and I was in a hurry so I had to write fast or my brother would go nuts! Emaan
Jul 28th 2012
Sidra I think this part is a bit short u should've written a longer one but any ways the story is rocking keep up with the good work! :) Sidra
Jul 27th 2012

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