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Eisha Ajmal
Eisha Ajmal
Divisional Public School
What I See In Girls Nowadays! :)
Published On Jul 26th 2012
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What I see in most girls
This is an article on girls (you’ve probably read most of my articles which are only for girls, it’s just a coincidence) here is what I see in girls nowadays. Like and comment if you agree :)
Girls are crazy about looking good (they use make up all the time) but my advice to girls is;
Girls you should try eating makeup. Then you'll be beautiful from inside. :)
This is one thing we girls are addicted to 9we can’t help it) but try and stop yourself from this cuz this may be your path to HELL
Girls can't stop comparing themselves to others and that’s why their comparison turns into jealousy.
Sorry this article was too short but I hope you like it :) this article means no offense to anyone. I’m just showing girls a mirror from the inside :) so look into your heart and admit you have all these problems(idk what else to call these). Look for a way to stop these (natural) habits.
I think my job here is done, Chiao: D
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Comments 17
ayesha Totally i agree Ayesha
Apr 7th 2015
Khadijah And I really agree with Xxangelxx.......Thanks for the article. Khadijah
Aug 22nd 2013
eisha Okay, sorry but I forgot to mention: This article isn't about EVERY girl, everyone's different! Eisha
Jun 16th 2013
Minahil Umm......I quite have the habit of gossip but whatever nice observation friend Minahil
Jun 6th 2013
No I hate make up and fashion and nthing is tru about me above!!!!!!!!!!!!................:) No
Aug 17th 2012
Khadijah I don't do those silly things. Khadijah
Aug 12th 2012
Urooj Reallly true.... Urooj
Aug 2nd 2012
Sehar I agree ! Sehar
Jul 30th 2012
Emaan Well I dont compare myself with other girls, But The gossip thing is true ; I know what's happening in Selena Gomez's house right now! Seriously, I'm a go girl that go's way to far! And I think eating make up is quite a good idea Emaan
Jul 28th 2012
Maryam Bit true.. but i think not all of them are like as u've said...i never wore make-up i hate to use even a single gloss! and most of the Pakistani girls are really jealous of others...but we can't change anyone Maryam
Jul 27th 2012
eisha Hey there aisha i juxt read your article, ill make sure to comment, after all i owe you alot of likes and comments :) Eisha
Jul 27th 2012
eisha Hey guys! thanks for your interesting feedback and i completely agree with you guys on the fact that not every girl is the same :) they're all different but these are somethings i noticed that are quite common in the majority of girls. hope you understand. @eisha Eisha
Jul 27th 2012
Sidra And my article on eye make up :P Sidra
Jul 27th 2012
Aisha Plz Eisha read and comment on my article on mascara..... Aisha
Jul 27th 2012
Aisha Nice article...It's really true..Girls don't stop comparing themselves with others especially english actresses ..They try to dress and be like them......and always try to be as punk as them....forget their studies also..... Aisha
Jul 27th 2012
xxAngelxx Sorry I dont agree cuz every girl is not like that,Some of them r but not every1....I guess u r a girl and dont wear make-up???? Xxangelxx
Jul 27th 2012
Sidra Hahah i totally agree with u girls(including me0 have these habits but we cant help it!!! Sidra
Jul 27th 2012

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