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Wajeeha Sheikh
Wajeeha Sheikh
Army Public School-faisal
The Biggest Problem
Published On Jul 25th 2012
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It is a simple rule of finding a problem of certain area one is to look at the history or you can also say that's background, so to find out the biggest problem we should also have a glimpse on the history.
If we do so we came to know that Pakistan was formed at the name of Islam although it formed as the only country on the bases of religion and the biggest numbers of refuges came to the new part of the world where they was supposed to live their lives at the true bases of Islam, when the Quaid was asked about the constitution he replied that the constitution of Pakistan is formed fourteen hundred years ago and that's The Holy Quran.
Constitution is the main frame work of the nation, it works like basic pillar of the building ,if the nation has the strong constitution it works on certain rules and regulations and if the nation is irresponsible of following its constitution it means it has no care for even its own basic rules, Pakistan's first basic or on record own constitutional gusset was passed at 1971,which was also obtained from some of old British Indian formula , even today we are following police act 1885,made by British empire for the Asian employers, it is the one example that I carried out so if one look around having an eye on the past and making a decision sincerely it becomes really confused, whether it is lack of wealth in people or it is poverty of leadership qualities in our leaders, whether it is lake of self respect in the common person or it is excess of personal interest likening of the rulers, Is this hand to mouth condition of the Philosophers that they cannot think and write about society or it is our media that is forcing us towards the wrong traditions and making the culture cruel, Is it really our Constitution that is failed to lead our society towards the right track towards the real development or these are our own activities that we prefer personal interest in spite of social or national,
So what is the result? Did we find the really big problem? We all know but we are hesitated to express. oooo that's definitely ignorance, you may also say it illiteracy. absolutely not in case of numbers or percentage but it our attitude that looks like ignorant, because sometimes we don't know what we know , and some time we don't want to know of what we should know. This disease has become so common in our society and definitely as common it is as harmful it would be and in a very common idea it has gone to its peak point and that's why stands as the number one problem of the nation The Pakistan.
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