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Emaan  Farhan
Emaan Farhan
Westminster School And College
Little Turtles
Published On Jul 25th 2012
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Oh how I love little turtles
How I love them all
Some big, some small
I really like feeling
The leatherback's shell
It's dark blue colour
Is very pretty
I have kept lots of turtles
Red Eared Sliders, most of them were
They amused me quite a lot
In many many ways
Especially the way their heads curved
But every winter
I send them back
To their home
The sea
And that's that!!
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Comments 8
Emaan Ahmed: My mom has told me not to take pictures of turtles because camera's flash makes the turtle's eyes weak. Oh and I love books a bit more so, I''ll keep my profile pic as it is. Emaan
Jul 30th 2012
Ahmed Show the trtles n their pool in ur profile pic for a day Ahmed
Jul 30th 2012
Emaan Aw Khadija! There is no need to be afraid of animals, for we are smarter and a greater creation of Allah. If you give them love and affection, they will start to like you and develop love for you in their hearts. Turtles understand me the most, That's why I wrote this poem. I've got a new turtle, And I've named him Dash. Apparently my female turtle (named Shelly) is laying eggs! I am so excited! I wish I could show you shelly, she's a wonderful turtle who loves the colour green, (that's why her pool is green) Anyways you rock! Raniah: Aww You are even sweeter! Emaan
Jul 28th 2012
l A very very excellent poem.......It seems u love pets...I love pets and i wanna have 1 4 myself....But my parents dont allow me and i have fear of them.......A PHOBIA....:D L
Jul 28th 2012
Raniah hehehe emaan . . . . ur kind words are enough what's need of them now? :) . . just u r really a sweet person . . :) . . . . Raniah
Jul 28th 2012
Emaan OMG Like, a MILLION hugs and thank you's from me to you,Raniah!!! Emaan
Jul 28th 2012
Raniah Awesome . . . . . ! love it . . . . . :) . . . . . superb . . . . Raniah
Jul 27th 2012
Emaan Dear Vshine viewers, PLEASE tell me if you have a pet or not, and tell me what kind. I can give you tips on how to care for them since I have met vets all around the world Emaan
Jul 27th 2012

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