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Furqan Rauf
Furqan Rauf
Helping Other
Published On Dec 14th 2010
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One day iwas going to market.An old man lipped from the banana peal. His stick was broken. I helped him to stand up and to pick his old, dusty, brown stick. Then i went to the market and bought things. When i came out of the market suddenly i forgot the way which lead to my home. I started to ask everyone about the way but there no response. I was scared and was roaming here and there. I was actually lost. Then i saw my father's car which was coming back from the office. I ran there to stop the car but the car's speed was tremendous from which i became late to reach there by time. It was the chance for getting home by Allah which i missed. I was also very hungry. I was just roaming that i saw money fallen on the road. When i went closer i saw that there was a note of 1000 rupees. I took it up and went to the closest shop. When i was entering i saw a big board which said "Be lucky and win the mobile phone of BMW company for only 5000 rupees". I went inside the shop and asked for the lottery ticket. They answered that you have to buy 500 rupee's shwarma and you will get the ticket for another 500. I was very hungry so i bought the things which he said for having lottery ticket. When i got all the things i went to the bill counter. The total bill was 1000 rupees. I gave him the money. There was no money left belonged to me. The shop keeper said me GOOD LUCK! I went to the lottery man. He said that you will have to swing the box and a ball will came out. if it will be red you will get a mobile phone. If the ball is white you will get cash money of 2000 rupees. Then i show him the ticket and swing the box. I was praying in my heart that white ball come. My wish was accepted and so i got 2000 rupees. I went back the place i came. I saw there an old lady finding something. I went to her and asked what she is finding. She answered that she was finding her 1000 rupees. i told her that i took it. I also said him sorry and gave have of my lottery money to her. I went forward and saw the same old man which met me an hour ago. I went to him and asked him that what was his profession. He said that i am a retired police man. I became happy and asked him about my home address. He knew about my home and helped me to reach there. I was really happy. I saw that the police man was very poor so i gave him my left all money. He also became very happy.

Furqan, Taaha

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Comments 7
Tooba Nice and would lke to know that is this real Tooba
Apr 1st 2014
Bint waseem Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Bint Waseem
Dec 21st 2011
Mishal Welcome not u should keep on publishing stories and we will keep on giving u comments i always like ur stories and search for more Mishal
Feb 10th 2011
furqan Thanks for your feedback and i am publishing more stories and articles which may u also like thanks a lot for your response. Furqan
Jan 20th 2011
Mishal I really appreciate your thinking caliber Furqan Mishal
Jan 7th 2011
Maria It's a great story Maria
Jan 5th 2011
Aamna I like your story Aamna
Dec 26th 2010

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