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Wajeeha Sheikh
Wajeeha Sheikh
Army Public School-faisal
Homework Should Be Banned
Published On Jul 24th 2012
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Homework Speech Students spend hours doing it, teachers spend hours checking it. Homework is sometimes a burden to teachers and students so is it necessary? Some people doubt homework's effectiveness, but teachers and researchers agree homework is essential. Homework helps students get better grades in school. But many studies have shown that too much homework results in lower grades. It is not homework that reinforces an idea or a skill; it is developing an interest for something and then having the time to follow it through. Homework is a waste of time that results in us kids having a negative view towards school and learning. Along with school I have a casual job, and I certainly don't come home from work with hours of more work to do, so why should school be any different? We spend all day in school, and then have to spend our evenings doing homework? That's ridiculous. When do we get to actually enjoy our life? If they can't do what they need to do in six hours, it is not my responsibility to give up my free time for them. Teachers don't get marked on how well they use the classroom time allocated to us learning the subject, but us kids get marked on whether we did our homework or not. That means a lot of classroom stuff that isn't working is allowed to continue as long as we do our homework. Homework steals a lot of time away from our social life which could be with friends or even our family. On the news you hear many stories about how kids aren't doing enough homework, but at the same time you hear about kids that don't spend any time with their family. You can expect both from kids, and honestly I think that some of the homework time should be allocated to family time to help build a stable social life for us kids. You need many hours together, playing games, reading books, fixing the house together, going to movies, talking and cooking for friends and family to have a healthy and balanced family life, but this time is being stolen by large amounts of homework being piled upon us. This leaves the weekend as the only free time in our lives to be social with their family and friends, but that's like getting a two day visiting pass from prison. When we have too much homework to do, we really get upset it leads us to hate studies.
So in my views, homework should be banned. It bulldozes us on pressure... and The place where we study is a school not a pressure cooker...... 
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Comments 5
Sidra Now thats right!! Sidra
Jul 28th 2012
Maryam Yeah they should give only limited homework which every child can do easily :) Maryam
Jul 27th 2012
mariam Yes i too agree with you people but not always it's a burden it 's sometimes easy to solve am i right or wrong ? Mariam
Jul 27th 2012
Sidra Very well written!! and i totally agree with you! but teachers will still give us home work wont they? so i wanted to suggest that if teachers want to give us home work they should give it in less amount ;) Sidra
Jul 25th 2012
Aisha You are 1010% right...Homework doesn't lets us to open our eyes and look what's around the world.... Aisha
Jul 24th 2012

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