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Muhammad Hassam Uddin Farooqi
Muhammad Hassam Uddin Farooqi
Usman Public School
Published On Jul 23rd 2012
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Books are our friend. Books are full with knowledge. There are many books enrich with knowledge such as history, science, geography, stories, sports magazines and many others. We can take books with us to any where without any problem. Reading books increases our knowledge and civic sense. We should make our hobby to read books because firstly, it sharps our mind. Children should read books so that they would learn good manners and good attitude from book. If we read history book, we would learn about ancient things, old coins, old buildings, different kings etc. Moreover, we can learn about the city of Moen-jo-Daro, the one of the oldest city of the world. The people who take interest in science they can read science books. In science books, we can learn about various scientific inventions, discoveries and the things which are unknown to us and we can learn and can able to make different science projects. In geography books, we can learn about our land, weather, atmosphere etc. Moreover, we can learn about SUN, MOON, Stars and other planets. Most of the like story books. Most of the people who take interest in sports could read sports magazines by which we can get knowledge about different games e.g. Cricket, Football, Hockey, Badminton, Baseball, Tennis, OLYMPCS GAMES etc. So, friends you should read books daily and make it your hobby.
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Comments 5
Mehdi Well written about books Mehdi
Feb 6th 2014
Anas Lolx.. you have only posted ARTICLES!!! but this is a good one =).. one really good thing about book is that it just helps you gain knowledge, and that knowledge can be applied in various forms (as you mentioned in your article). As for history, learning the past is one thing. But the question is.. why on earth should we learn our past? Well, I think that learning the past tells us how we should live our lives (manner, etc..) and also how we should react to certain challenges that people in past might have faced, and now that we are facing today. Imagine yourself landed on an open sea shore of Atlantic. And you don't know even know that there is such type of storm called hurricanes.. and you are just living your life, unprepared. If you had known history, you will be prepared for hurricanes because you might know how people in the past dealt with the situation. And that applies for every single things (generalize it as lifestyle).. nice article btw :D Anas
Aug 26th 2012
Saba Great effort keep it up Saba
Aug 14th 2012
Neha Ya ur right Neha
Aug 6th 2012
Emaan Hmmmmmmmmmm Emaan
Jul 24th 2012

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