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Abdur Rafay Khan
Abdur Rafay Khan
Beaconhouse School System Pechs Campus,karachi
The Shoe Prints (last Part)
Published On Jul 23rd 2012
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"The Devil takes you!" growled James but Morton held him back.
Stephen continued,"...matched the shoes of Martin, but I tell you inspector, this cunning devil just made a hoax. He bought the same shoes as Martin, applied some sand on the soles and made shoe prints on stairs of his house. To prove this, you may also remember inspector, I knocked down a watering can and then I quickly bent down to pick it up. All I wanted to do was to examine the shoe prints of James, and surprisingly, they matched like the shoe prints on the stairs! James told that John had nothing in his wallet. Actually James himself took out the money from his brother's wallet to make it look as if the murderer took the money with him. James told me that he heard footsteps running down the staircase. I deduced that he had made a fake plan as no one was there to witness it. Then I asked James that did he hear his brother screaming for help? He answered no. I felt strange as a person should make a noise if attacked by another man. So keeping the fact: "There was no trace of violence on John's body" in my mind, I deduced that James must have poisoned John's drink or dinner, as a person feels sleepy and dies instantly when he swallows poison. To put it simply, most of the answer lied beneath those shoe prints. Have I spoken the truth, doctor?"
"Y-yes" said James embarrassed.
"Take him away inspector and please free Martin Hopkins." said Stephen.
"Wow Stephen you're clever detective! You solved the case with utmost ease!" said Morton.
"Elementary, my friend." smiled Chris Stephen.
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Comments 7
Momina PhenomeNIALL AmaZAYN BrilLIAM FabLOUIS ExtraordinHARRY (get it! i use 1 direction names to create a masterpiece!!) actually they're just awesome words joined up with the worlds most awesome bands members names the band is 1DIRECTION listen to songs!!!! Awesome story try to write more like this is a request from me and my sister truly awesome so sad that the series has ended this was truly amzyn so keep it up im just gonna say congratz to you cause you should be a winer but as your story is divided in parts yu cant :(:::::: great anyway!!! BIG SMILE Momina
Oct 28th 2012
Tooba Congratulations! your story was in september 2012 Tooba
Sep 10th 2012
Abdur Rafay I took me one and a half day 2 write this story Abdur Rafay
Aug 9th 2012
Khadijah I like stories which are like this one plz send one again Khadijah
Aug 7th 2012
Sidra A very thrilling,fabulous,amazing,phenomenal,extraordinary,mysterious ,brilliant etc. keep it up!! i loved it!! :D Sidra
Jul 26th 2012
Aisha Wow last part is quite amazing and whole story is itself fabulous....Mysterious and thrilling.. Aisha
Jul 23rd 2012
Abdur Rafay Frnds d last part is here hope u understood d mystery :D Abdur Rafay
Jul 23rd 2012

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