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Eisha Ajmal
Eisha Ajmal
Divisional Public School
Nail Art; Nail Care, Tricks, Tips And Tools Etc. Must Read For All Girls!!
Published On Jul 24th 2012
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Hey guys! So today I’m going to do an article on nail art. Nail art (if you choose the appropriate colours and all) can brighten up your outfit. Sehar Shehzad has also done one and it’s really good but I would like to do one myself explain everything much more clearly. this article is a must read for all the crazy nail art fans out there so just grab a notebook, sit down and write down my points because I’m sure they'll help you a lot!
How to Begin:
*always* use a base coat. You never know when a blue or green polish is going to stain your nails blue or yellow and you end up kicking yourself for being so lazy. 30 seconds of quick base coating never hurts!
Now you can paint your nails with whichever colour you like :) use a nail art brush to clean around the edges with nail polish remover. (Alternative to nail colour removers are well corrector pens)
Choosing appropriate colours and designs:
This is an important step so you need to think of two things:
1. What your outfit is (type and colour, print etc)
2. The place where you are going
You can brighten up simple and plain black, white or any other simple outfit with a funky colour and designs but when it comes to printed outfits just go with simple french tips or a plain light nail colour
As I told you earlier this nail art goes with dull and plain outfits so don’t do it with already funky clothes or you'll look really messy!!!!! Popular designs nowadays (not only on nails!) are ombre nails! You can do those by first applying a white base coat, then taking a piece of foam or sponge and putting some nail polish on it. Now give a cute texture to your nails! You can check youtube for more details. Anyway polka dots, animations, stripes, animal printed nails also look good. For polka dots you'll need a dotting tool which ill show you how to make in the next paragraph :). I’ll also show how to do easy and neat stripes.
TOOls/ Extra nail art stuff;
You can glitter your nail by first applying any nail colour and then putting glitter on them :) ending with a base coat. Nail dotter tools are available on e-bay and many markets but you probably won't wanna buy them if i show you how to make them, would you???? NO!!!!!!!! So here's what you do use this stuff instead:
Lollipop stick - medium/large polka dots
Old eye liner brush - tips, stripes & drawings, such as the Christmas trees & candy cane.
Bobby pin - smaller polka dots
Cuticle stick - I use the needle-like pointed end for very small polka dots or small detail in drawings & the larger end for diagonal lines or medium/large drawings.
I hope all those helped! You can also use a pencil, pen or toothpick :). The third thing is stripes. I’ll show you how to do easy and neat stripes;
Use scotch tape. Put tape on your nails and then colour them. It’s easy if you get it.
Now that you know what I do, my tricks and tips you can create anything you like. Make sure you apply a clear basecoat a t the end!!!! Be creative with your nail polish and please comment and like. Sorry for all the spelling mistakes (because of a lot of typing).You can ask me if there's something you want to ask. Please leave your comments and send me a friend request! I’m a nail art expert and it was fun sharing all I knew with you guys :) hope you liked it and learned a lot from it. I know lots of other fun and easy crafts, so if you want I can do an article on one of those if you requested by commenting!!! MAKE SURE TO COMMENT AND LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Comments 29
Gullasht AOA if anyone want some tips of beauty soO, Insa'allah I written this in my stuff if you give response Gullasht
May 25th 2013
Gullasht AOA good Gullasht
May 24th 2013
Bint OMG i cant believe my eyes r blinking is this vshine mag.or beauty tips site ??????(just kidding)anywaz thanks for shring it vil really help those who r interested in doing der nails well eisha dont mind (i was jst kidding ) okz Bint
Aug 13th 2012
eisha My birthday is on 27th december (capricorn <3) Eisha
Jul 29th 2012
eisha Lol most people do..........the articles i write are........i guess a bit mature for my age :P Eisha
Jul 28th 2012
IFRAH	I have d0ne it before:):P :D Ifrah
Jul 28th 2012
l BTW I never knew that u r 12 ..............I thoght u rv of 14 15........:p:p:P L
Jul 28th 2012
l When is your birth day Eisha...Mine is on 31 of this month..two days left... L
Jul 28th 2012
Sidra Ohhh gr88 i'mm just turning twelve after 3 months and i'm in grd 7 too! whats your fav hobby? Sidra
Jul 27th 2012
Aisha According to me the answer to sidra's question is becoz abaya is very decent dress and is usually formal and simple so you can wear black nail polish to add a cool look....or nude and metallic colours may also work.....And as sidra's abaya is with blue design so she can go with blue colour also..... Aisha
Jul 27th 2012
Jul 27th 2012
eisha Hey sidra; im twelve (in 7th grade) and maham i understand that you think of this as an useless article,many people do (including me) but if i have some knowledge of something then isn't it good to share it. i too used to do nail art all the time before but now its clear to me that its a waste of time but its juxt for fun so why not enjoy it? Eisha
Jul 26th 2012
Maham Its good, great but try to write abt sumthng useful. Maham
Jul 26th 2012
Sidra Ok thankss eisha and i am wearing a black one :D and thats a gr88 tip emaan! eisha whats your age? Sidra
Jul 26th 2012
Emaan Tip:If you want to read Namaz when youre wearing nail polish, do wuzu before applying nail polish. Emaan
Jul 26th 2012
eisha Yup im fasting! Sidra could you please tell me what colour of abaya you wear so i can give you a more appropriate answer? if its black you should go with something bold like.........yello, orange, neon,greens. (i know it sounds too bold but trust me it looks great) Eisha
Jul 25th 2012
Sidra I love nail art and this is a great article! it helped me alot! :D BTW it would be nice if you can tell us that what nail polishes combinations look good on nails(when u r wearing abaya/burqa) Sidra
Jul 25th 2012
Sehar R u fasting ??? Sehar
Jul 25th 2012
eisha Thank you again :D Eisha
Jul 25th 2012
Sehar Welcome ! you have worked so hard on this article so its ur reward :) Sehar
Jul 25th 2012
eisha Thank you all so much for your nice feed back! i'll try to fulfil all the requests you guys have made :) Eisha
Jul 24th 2012
eisha And sehar ill try to think of an article for things to do in summer too...but unfortunately summer is already ending!!!!!!!!!!but we still have about 1 month though.And ill also thing about changing my pic (requested by khadija)but v-shine always has a problem with the pictures you upload! guys, if there are anymore requests, feel free to comment! :) Eisha
Jul 24th 2012
eisha Thanks guys! i'm so glad you guys liked my article and it helped. anyways, aisha i meant top coat by base coat sorry, it was a little mistake since it was alot of typing) and i liked your tip about putting tape on your finger, i do that too and i forgot to put it on this article :) Eisha
Jul 24th 2012
Aisha One tip if u want to get neat nails and don't want to dirty the rest of the finger...You can put any tape AROUND the nails (on the fingers) this if any nail polish falls it will fall on the tape and not messing your finger..later on you can remove the tape.... Aisha
Jul 24th 2012
l Very useful & imformative for girls.Please can u have ur profile picture as nail art made by you.... L
Jul 24th 2012
Aisha WOW!!! I just love this article and nail art also....But how can you end with base coat...ending is done with top coat..isn't it....But the whole article was awesome especially dotting tool ...Thank u so much... Aisha
Jul 24th 2012
eisha Thank god, this article was published! i worked so hard on it! please comment and like :) Eisha
Jul 24th 2012
Sehar Nice article ! gud work eisha :) can you plz write an article on anything that we can do in summer ????? Sehar
Jul 24th 2012
Emaan Wow!I am CRAZY over nail Art and I sooooooooooo liked your article, It helped a- lotttttttt! I love it! Emaan
Jul 24th 2012

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