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Eisha Ajmal
Eisha Ajmal
Divisional Public School
Interesting Facts About Japan
Published On Jul 20th 2012
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I love Japan and I would love to visit it someday. Here are some interesting facts about this country that'll make you like it even more;
1. The literacy rate in Japan is about 100%. How cool is that?
2. The unemployment rate of Japan is only 4%.
3.  5. Animated Japanese films and television shows (.i.e.: Anime) account for 60% of the world’s animation-based entertainment. So successful is animation in Japan, that there are almost 130 voice-acting schools in the country.
4. Raw horse meat is a popular entree in Japan. Sliced thinly and eaten raw it is called basashi. (I’m not sure I like this fact much. yuck!)
5. · The Japanese say that the Chinese will eat anything
6.  Japan has around 1500 earthquakes each year. (awww) :(
7. The major religions in Japan is Buddhism and Shinto, even though religion does not have a significant impact in Japanese people’s life
8.  Japan has one of the highest average life expectancy rate.
9.  Japan is considered the largest country in producing automobiles.
10.  The official currency in Japan is Yen.
11.  Japan is about the size of California and has half the population of the entire United States.
12.  Raised floors help indicate when to take off shoes or slippers. At the entrance to a home in Japan, the floor will usually be raised about 6 inches indicating you should take off your shoes and put on slippers.
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Comments 5
Khadijah I could tell that japan are disblievers of Allah so how could one say that there is no earthquakes sent by Allah ???????? Khadijah
Aug 11th 2012
Jul 21st 2012
Aisha Nice facts...they all are interesting...I love japan in terms of progress...they are leaving behind all countries of the world regarding inventions and technology...... Aisha
Jul 21st 2012
eisha I know............... i wanna go to japan someday....thats why i'm learning japanese. everything about japan is cool especially anime <3 Eisha
Jul 20th 2012
Urooj Me t00o love JAPAN.... 1 more fact.....people of JApan work atleast 12hrs a day and if they are n0t doing it their families n relatives feel asahmed that their family member is n0t doing hard working so they stop meeting him...(hard working is in their veins...:) Urooj
Jul 20th 2012

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