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Fatimah Latif
Fatimah Latif
Published On Jul 20th 2012
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Backbiting is the most common thing,
Now u can see in every human being,
It is the thing that is forbidden in ISLAM,
It is the thing that weakens IMAN,
But nowadays everybody does it,
As if it is a key to their success door,
So dear readers,
If something goes wrong just try to ignore it,
cuz you can then strengthen your IMAN,
And please give this advice to each and everyone.
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Comments 11
Munkashay What do you mean, Emaan? First you say"This is the best poem ever" and when Fatimah gives you an advice, you say "Now, I don't like this poem, it is TERRIBLE". What is your problem, man? And Fatimah, This is a WONDERFUL poem! Munkashay
Dec 6th 2013
Soha Stop fighting u both!!! Soha
Feb 15th 2013
Emaan I'm a Muslim. No one can change this. Emaan
Oct 28th 2012
fatimah Yah that y i wrote this poem ahaaahaha Fatimah
Oct 26th 2012
Emaan You are overacting. I didn't say I do backbiting all the time and WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME I DO? And you're the one who's not the muslim, not me, I'm Emaan :PpP Emaan
Oct 25th 2012
fatimah That means u r saying ur self u r not a muslim and u do backbiting all the time........cuz u said so ur self that its terrible and guess wat I DONT CARE :D Fatimah
Oct 25th 2012
Emaan Now, I don't love this poem, it's TERRIBLE. Emaan
Oct 23rd 2012
fatimah Emaan u just have to ignore then and believe me u will feel better btw thnx:) Fatimah
Oct 5th 2012
Emaan My name! EEEEEEEEE!! This is the best poem ever!!!!!! I love the lesson too, everyone backbites me at school,and I do nothing wrong! Emaan
Oct 5th 2012
Saba MashAlllah suoerb Saba
Aug 12th 2012
 wareesha Amazing poem Wareesha
Jul 20th 2012

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