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Abdur Rafay Khan
Abdur Rafay Khan
Beaconhouse School System Pechs Campus,karachi
The Shoe Prints (part 2)
Published On Jul 16th 2012
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".......I informed this to the police. They investigated the rooms to find any piece of evidence, but they failed. They examined John's body to find any traces of evidence but to no avail. At last I came for you, for I know you're a clever detective."
"Did your brother show any signs of illness when you left him?" asked Stephen.
"No, I left him in lively spirits." said James.
"Did your brother make any sort of noise?"
"How did you know someone was in the house?"
"I heard foot steps running down."
"How are you sure?"
"In the morning I saw some shoe prints on the stairs."
"Have the police examined the stairs?"
"Did they find the prints?"
"Who was there with you last night?"
"No one"
"Thank you," said Stephen "who do the police suspect?"
"Martin Hopkins." said James.
"Who is this man and why do the police suspect him?"
"Well, he's a friend of my father and John. Though he's poor, he comes to our house every month to ask for money."
"How much money does he asks for?" asked Stephen
"Nearly 100 pounds"
"Hum... please continue"
"So one day I heard Martin talking with John. I heard Martin exclaiming'1 million pounds!'I felt disgusted by this talk and went back home. After my father's death, Martin asked money from John. I felt that Martin could have been the right suspect." said James.
(End of part 2)
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Comments 3
Soha NICE Soha
Aug 22nd 2013
arifa Great please do. trying to be like sherlock holmes,eh :) just kiddin' Arifa
Jul 16th 2012
Abdur Rafay Frnds iam going 2 publish part 3 today Abdur Rafay
Jul 16th 2012

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