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Hurriya Nasir
Hurriya Nasir
Beacon House Juniper Campus
A Morning Like A Nightmare
Published On Jul 14th 2012
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Once on a sunny morning I woke up. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock it was 7:30am, I could hear the birds singing, my grey parrot saying good morning and the curtains were moving with the slow wind….wait 7:30am..aaaaa I am going to be late for school said my brain. It was no time to wake my mother so I quickly ran to the bathroom then went to my wardrobe to find my uniform but it was not there so I just took my a little dirty uniform and just cleaned the stains with water. Suddenly I thought that I have not packed my bag so I began to put my books in then I was unable to find my history and geography notebooks. I was running every where to find them and after 5 minutes I found them in the shelf were I kept my v shine magazines because yesterday I was finding some answers of history and geography from the v shine magazine. I went to put on my socks but by mistake I wore one white and one pink sock and after 2 minutes I found my white socks and quickly put them on. I saw my shoes unpolished so when opened the polish tube and the worst thing happened that the polish was finished so I quickly rubbed my shoes with a cloth and wore them. Only 10 minutes were left to be 8:00 so I quickly brushed my hair. I thought that my lunch box was not ready so I went to my mother’s wardrobe and took 50 rupees so I could buy lunch from the school canteen quickly looked at the calendar and found out that it was Friday yesterday and today was Saturday!!!!! It was not a school day and I got ready for nothing was really angry that morning….
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Comments 7
hurriya Thanks fizza Hurriya
Feb 13th 2013
anam Brilliant story!!!!! Anam
Sep 13th 2012
hurriya Thanx menahil.and i miss u too Hurriya
Jul 27th 2012
Menahil Awww............ tht story iz soooo sweet. Miss u sooooooo much!!!! Menahil
Jul 26th 2012
hurriya Th@nk$ Hurriya
Jul 21st 2012
Ali It happens many times. still a great story Ali
Jul 18th 2012
Aisha Nice story... Aisha
Jul 14th 2012

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