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Faez Ali
Faez Ali
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Future Of Pakistan
Published On Jul 14th 2012
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As globally known and witnessed, Pakistan is lying under the shadow of curse, crises and debt etc, and hope of mascot for Pakistan by Pakistanis are becoming weak, and to hope for prosperity again in their home land is now just like a dreamful dream for the livers living in the boundaries of Pakistan. As every nation has zeal for its country, Pakistanis are also a zealous nation with fabulous merits but gaining of political power by corrupt political contenders which are leading us towards darkness and media is also playing its role to a certain extent in lighting off the candle of hopes for the better future of Pakistan in their life time, in little confusing way. Though media point out mistakes and misfortune of Pakistanis yet the negative role played by media is to blow off the hoping fire of mascot and to demoralize the nation which is the huge trap to break any nation and country.
Dear Pakistanis there are many threats to Pakistan as clearly known by every national but no need to fear this land of Pakistan was bought in paying off million sacrifices, recalling the history dates of Pakistan, 23 march 1940 the resolution was passed and all Muslim league leaders were gathered in shadow of Minar e Pakistan with determined plan and on 14 August 1947 Pakistan came into being and was pointed on globe as a separate country, we have not forgotten the sacrifices of millions people for independence of Pakistan and shall we not by that time our soldiers have not arisen the slogan “what Pakistan will pay us in return” by the time 12 : 1 the voice was echoed in the entire region of subcontinent and in other places also, congratulations Pakistan has came into being, by radio Pakistan.
We are unite and will be dear readers do not afraid from threats, where the matter comes of invasion in Pakistan or to broke Pakistan, our soldiers as well every member arose their hand for volunteer, we are ready at the cost of our souls and life we will save Pakistan. Recalling the spoken words from Mohammad Ali Jinnah founder of Pakistan “There is no power on earth which can undo Pakistan.” we are warning you to every anti-Pakistan abase your plans against Pakistan you can never conquer the blessing of Almighty from Pakistanis. Pakistan Zindabad.
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Comments 7
Azka Yeah, very right Rania! =) things will In Shaa Allah turn out right in a short span of time, and with all our prayers and efforts.. May Allah be with us. Azka
Feb 4th 2013
Soha Exactly!! True. Soha
Jan 9th 2013
Raniah Ooh really . . . love this . . . ! azka . . . dont worry ! just have faith in ALLAH . . and remember ! the country which is protecting by ALLAH AND HIS ANGELS . . no one can do any thing . . . !! & just be ready when pak need us . . . . ! some ppls go to other countries and live peacefully & 4get the peacefulness of there own wonderful country . . ! :) and as they also start taking out problems just like ' : ugh in pakistan! no light no gas . . . . . etc . . etc but main thing is that . . they never see there own mistake just bcuz of what these problems create .. ! Raniah
Jul 22nd 2012
Wajeeha Yes u r right... And from today I will be doing the same job... but in Ur article u haven't highlighted the term CLEANLINESS... it is also a very big problem... well gr8 article Wajeeha
Jul 21st 2012
Muhammad Hassam Exactly!!!! Muhammad Hassam
Jul 20th 2012
Ashna So true....pakistan should pull their socks up if they are gonna get stronger and achieve unity. Ashna
Jul 18th 2012
Azka Yes exactly... Pakistan is the result of millions of sacrifices and we will not let it go so easily... this is our homeland, our country... we will not not let you all destroy it... you will have to conquer us first !! we, the youth, is the future of Pakistan, we'r a ray pf hope for our country... and we will show everyone what we'r made of. If we turn back the pages of history, you will come to know that when Muslims unite there is no one that can stop them! my brothers and sisters in Islam... try to understand that nothing can be done if we do not unite... what's happening in this world is very clear! the non-Muslims r trying to break our unity, bombing Muslim countries separately n trying to destroy our unity...see, im not blaming anyone... im not being rude, but this is the truth n you all gotta believe it :'( Azka
Jul 15th 2012

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