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Wajeeha Sheikh
Wajeeha Sheikh
Army Public School-faisal
Co-education Is A Curse
Published On Jul 13th 2012
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Question: What does Islam have to say regarding co-education in schools? What are your viewpoints regarding this? Please elaborate on the pros and cons of such a system.
My personal argument is against co-education and I say that in co-education environments students have more opportunity and temptations to go astray. They cannot maintain the right etiquette of intermingling as prescribed by the Islamic Shari‘ah, at all times during school hours. Also, students in a co-education school might become more consumed by how they appear or present themselves to the opposite sex as compared to their studies. Please comment.
As far as the arguments in favour of co-education are concerned, I believe that the strongest argument put forth by its proponents, who also have little knowledge about Islam, is the exhortation that Islam has extended to Muslims to allow their women into mosques and let them offer prayer in congregation if they want to. Why on earth should it not be allowed in schools and colleges then? To my mind, this seems to be the strongest of all arguments offered by them since, through this, they manipulate a religious directive in their own favour.
A little deliberation here will reveal that there is a world of difference between the environment of a mosque and that of a school. In mosques, we indeed have an overwhelming feeling of the presence of the Almighty. Moreover, our intentions to visit and our concept regarding the sanctity of the mosque make a real difference in this respect. In spite of all this, Islam further enjoins certain etiquette to be observed by both Muslim men and women while they are in their Lord’s House. They are never allowed to intermingle freely or sit side by side. Ladies are directed to cover themselves properly and men have been directed to lower their gaze of which they become profoundly aware when they enter the sacred house. Is the situation with schools the same? Of course not. It is for this reason that co-education in schools and colleges must not be extrapolated on the basis of the permission given to women to attend mosques.
As you have pointed out, the tremendous loss caused by co-education is moral degeneration. The students are completely exposed to the opposite sex. Curiosity plays its role well in this regard. The wrong ideals set by the media and the awful bombardment of immoral images and characters fill the space left out by the germs of curiosity implanted by Satan. This reality coupled with the fact that they are mostly devoid of the supervision of any true and sincere mentor at school in that their teachers themselves do not present their students with a role model of morality, cause the innocent students to fall prey to the deadly predator of sexual impurity.
In conclusion, I think that separate classes are a better way than co-education. In separate classes, girls will be more relaxed and the boys will have less chance to bulldoze the girls to be their servant as girlfriends...

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Comments 4
Sidra I agree wiht aisha and urooj but your article was gr88! Sidra
Jul 28th 2012
Wajeeha Thanks Urooj and Aisha... I will try to use better words next time... Wajeeha
Jul 21st 2012
Urooj Aisha is rite...d0nt use negative w0rds....0r atleast avoid f0r ur article...i agree with alll ur po0ints but if v r minding our own buisness then its n0t such a probem.....parents als0 play a imporatant role in this...they should tell their child about dignity moral values and all n then trust on sure they never will break their trust..but parents should keep check.....and als0 it b00st up the confidence of girls t0 h0w t0 talk properly and in limits with opp n0w m0st of the girls are doing jobs so they have a idea about dealing with boys.... anyway ur writing is gr8.... Urooj
Jul 15th 2012
Aisha An absolutely awesome article...I just love it...But next don't use the word curse Wajeeha it is not a very good thing to curse someone or is kind of sin...But It's ok...The article was absolutely great and i would like more good articles from your side next time.....Keep it up... Aisha
Jul 13th 2012

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