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Rayan Ali
Rayan Ali
Pakistan International School, Al-jubail
Dandelions In The Sky
Published On Dec 13th 2010
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ike a transparent, lucid marble,

A consciousness as light as a feather,

Resting in a quite piece of mind,

Floating upon the caramel, dreamy River,

Surrounded by the Diamonds of the sky,

They watch from above, faintly

At the Marry-Go-Round below them

That costs everyone’s ignorance

As a voucher to ride upon it.

They look down below them, in futile

At the wanderers, wandering in the sheer Darkness

For they chatter impatiently, vehemently saying: -

“What is Love and what’s it for?”

But are bound to answer

For the Ignorant eye of Man

Is to discover it by itself.

They stand upon the edges of Eternity,

By-and-by calming the swollen minds

Of the ever confused, deranged Humanity.

Appearing at times in Black and Blues

Before the blind consciousness of Mankind

To show the way it often looses.

They rejoice with it when Pleasure

Surrounds its luck from all sides.

They contemplate the broken souls

Through their nature that’s always prepared

To mend what it broken.

They fill the quietness of the solemn Night.

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