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Faez Ali
Faez Ali
Roots School System (rss)
A Day's Journey
Published On Jul 13th 2012
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The moment doors opens, we all jump with a suspenseful look, gazing towards my mom at four a.m. in hospital. Peaceful look at my mom’s face cools us down and sublimes our thought towards happiness. Though there were many questions for my mom to answer but the splendor look on my mom’s face pour the silence in corridor. Before she could speak any word, her eyes became wet and her hands were up to thanks Almighty. “Whats the news?” my younger sister asked. “Ya born alive.” Replied my mother.
After sometime we all children were ordered to go back home for sleep because time was running out. Though we tried to escape from this order yet failed. In order to obey we got in the car to home. I don’t know when I asleep that night. I was awakened at ten a.m. in morning. Staring at clock and thinking about my new cousin born last night.
After taking our breakfast we all went to hospital to meet our new brother born last night. How I describe the beautiful glowing face of little angle, I have no words for it. Every moment in ward was of happiness. The word I can use to describe is ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’.
The parent of born alive was in out control happiness. Their desire for their angle can not be described. It was eight p.m. when angle went to asleep after saying Hi to every one. Steadily the rush in corridor and in ward was becoming lesser. Approx it was nine when all relatives except few of us were arrived for their homes.
Born alive coughed a little then back to dreams. My mother was talking with my mother ‘aunt of new born’. There was a knock at ward door. It was doctor on visit, He checked born alive and went back. My aunt went to sleep after visit. It was silence in ward, except me and my father every one was on asleep.
Little angle alarmed rang with crying tone. My aunt waked from crying voice of his son. All of us ringed the cot of baby as we were wishing for his waking. After few minutes there was a panic in ward and voice I could hear was ‘call the doctor he can not breathe properly’. With in few seconds whole team of doctors and nurses where there but was unable to safe the life of born alive and tears of his parents. Born alive said good bye to every one for ever at 9:37 p.m.
My eyes become wet while telling after this. Moral which I seek from this event is though a birth brings a lot of happiness yet it brings a lot of tears also. One who has come in this world, have to go back again.
A day’s journey of born alive has upset the life of his parents for a vast time. Happiness for counted hours but hurtled hearts were left behind by new born forever and desires to see him again.
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Comments 2
Tooba 100 grammar mistakes Tooba
Aug 8th 2012
Irtibat Ya intresting ................ending.. Irtibat
Jul 17th 2012

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