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Eisha Ajmal
Eisha Ajmal
Divisional Public School
Wanna Be
Published On Jul 13th 2012
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Hey guys! So today my article is going to be about wanna be's. Wanna be is short for WANT TO BE. It means people who want to be something or someone who they are not. You've probably heard this alot; Be yourself. But if you think all I’m going to say today is that you're wrong because I’ve got some serious points on my mind which I’d like to share. I think that our whole generation is too much influenced by the media, the music industry and by the western culture. We like their accent, their clothes, their looks and alot of things about them and most of us are wanna be's who want to be like them so they copy them. You may not admit it, but don’t lie to yourself and you'll find that deep down inside you too wanna be like them. I’ve seen people admiring Emos and when I see these kinds of people all I think is that they don’t know they have it all; they have a true religion (Islam) to follow and a family who loves them yet they seek shallow people like Emo's and musicians who have empty lives. I just want to say that we are loosing our culture and our religion just by following these people. It’s okay to like them, to listen to their music and all that but don't try to be like them or you'll loose all that you have. You see why Pakistan isn’t that famous; its not because of all these bomb blasts and all that its because we don’t have a culture or religion anymore(we're loosing it all). Countries like Japan, China, Malaysia and India are famous because they have a particular culture and tradition which they haven't lost yet and that’s what people all around the world like about them. We can get all we've lost back if we stop being wanna-be's. Start by changing yourself :) Just remember that you've got the best and true religion and cultures.

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Comments 3
Khadijah Very nyc article.I don't get your ID what is it ????????????? Khadijah
Aug 11th 2012
eisha Awwwww thank you :) Eisha
Jul 13th 2012
Urooj Very nyc article..i really appreciate ur writing style..:) Urooj
Jul 13th 2012

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