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Maryam Tariq
Maryam Tariq
Crescent Bahria Cadet College
Two Men
Published On Jul 13th 2012
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Two men lived in an apartment’s 18th floor. One day they returned from job and when they heard that the lift is not working due to some technical problems, they felt very tired, one said to other: it would be hard to go from stairs, we shall tell funny jokes to each other so that time would pass easily while going upstairs.2nd men said ok first you tell. The first one told funny jokes till they were on the sixteenth floor. The 2nd one then said: now it’s your turn. First one said: leave you will start crying. First one: no I will not, tell me. 1st one: then listen we forgot to bring keys with us, they are still in the car: D
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Comments 13
Uswah Urooj i loke ur dp! and this joke is gr8 and hilariouSSSS! Uswah
Jul 11th 2013
Laibah Lolzzzzz Laibah
Jun 14th 2013
Raniah Very nice joke Raniah
Aug 2nd 2012
Maryam Thnkyou :P Maryam
Jul 27th 2012
Emaan Lolzz I love this as much as I love the muppets :-) Emaan
Jul 26th 2012
Maryam =P yea mariam...kinda bit funny :) Maryam
Jul 22nd 2012
Maria :D Maria
Jul 21st 2012
mariam Funny:-) Mariam
Jul 20th 2012
Maryam :) Maryam
Jul 20th 2012
Jariah Hahaa Jariah
Jul 20th 2012
Maryam :D Maryam
Jul 16th 2012
Aleena Hahaha.... Aleena
Jul 15th 2012
Urooj OMG...its s-0oo-...........:P ;) Urooj
Jul 15th 2012

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