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Narmeen Surahio
Narmeen Surahio
Royal Cambridge School
A Dream
Published On Jul 13th 2012
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There was a girl; her name was Natalia who wants to be a singer. From child-hood she has this dream that she will become singer and her voice was so nice , but she was worried that if she doesn’t success how she will face others and specially her parents, but others don't have this feeling for her instead they thought that she must try if she not becomes a good singer so what happened, but she doesn't know about there feelings for her and when somebody says her that she must sing in audience she falls sad and feels that if she does not sing well what will her parents feel for her. One day she went to a concert with her parents and after the concert she was singing a song lonely and at the same time there was a singer was passing by her and when he listens her voice he goes to her and asked her that is she a singer if not so she must sing in this concert . When she listens this sentence by a singer she feel that she can do it if not for her but for her parents and she goes to stage sing and gave a surprise to her parents and become a famous singer. And her parents were so happy with her.
Moral: if you believe in yourself you can be what do you want. :)
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Comments 4
Sabeen Nice Sabeen
Nov 27th 2017
eisha Lol its good but you have to try harder; theres lots of spelling mistakes and the story is childish (no offense) im not being rude or anything but you gotta understand! Eisha
Jul 27th 2012
Narmeen Thanks Narmeen
Jul 19th 2012
Aisha Good Aisha
Jul 14th 2012

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