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Maryam Tariq
Maryam Tariq
Crescent Bahria Cadet College
Obeying Parents
Published On Jul 13th 2012
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Our parents play the most important role to make our lives beautiful. The harder they try to improve us, the more we disobey them. It seems that parents are not getting their rights from children.
Parents spend their whole lives making our lives beautiful. They get worried when we get ill. They help us in studies so that we go at the top. The most loving person in the life is mother and the most caring is father. Mothers always awake before us, she makes breakfast for us, prepare our school lunch, press our clothes as well as she works all day for us. Besides all, father cares us so much. He go to work to earn money so that he can afford our expenses, he spends his all day for earning money for us. He is the one who get so much worried for us.
So, why we ain't giving their rights, why we become so disobedient to them, do they deserve all this behaviour we are showing them? Of course not, we should respect them and obey them because they always think of our good. :)
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Comments 4
Emaan Gr8, totally true-riffic (made up word :-) ) Emaan
Jul 26th 2012
Maryam Actually i was thinking that on which topic i must write and my father suggested it because he helps me alot in telling topics,i wrote every single thing by me even without giving to father for checking and correcting mistakes :P i trusted myself and posted it here :D Maryam
Jul 16th 2012
Maryam Thanks :) Maryam
Jul 16th 2012
Urooj Really very true...:) Urooj
Jul 13th 2012

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