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Umair Malik
Umair Malik
Earl Haig Secondary School
The Importance Of Computer And Internet For Students
Published On Jul 13th 2012
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The internet is something most of us take for granted. We look up recipes, stay connected to friends and family, and search many different topics. Many students use the internet on a regular basis to do research for papers and other school assignments. In addition to the internet, many students use programs such as word processing programs, drawing programs and photo shop programs.
Our parents and grandparents had to complete their school assignments and reports without the help of a computer or net. They managed to go to school, even to college and advanced degrees without internet access.
The student who does not have computer and internet access at home has to find a source to gather information for the paper. The library might be a good source for him. This is a much slower process, requiring more time. Some students might then wait in line for computer time at the library, with hopes of getting time to enter their report and print it out. However, computer resources at the library are limited, and not everyone will have the time or opportunity to type in their report. This means that this student will then spend additional time hand-writing the report. This student will not have the benefit of grammar and spell checker software.
Consider the student who does have internet access at home. That student sits in his home, pulls up the internet on the computer, and at his fingertips have thousands of sources from which he can gather information. After collecting his or her data, this student types in the report. Finally, the report is printed out and the student uses it.
In a time when we are blaming teachers for poor performance and in states that score low in academics, maybe
One way to improve the standing of students and the states in general is to look at the gap between the students who have home computer and internet access and those who do not have that opportunity. However it is interesting to consider that home computer and internet access might contribute to improved grades, and ultimately high academic performance.
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Aisha Nice article.... Aisha
Jul 14th 2012
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Jul 13th 2012
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Jul 13th 2012

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