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Nimra Baloch
Nimra Baloch
Daps O And A Levels Phase 8
Aunt Laura's Lost Glasses
Published On Jul 13th 2012
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James and Ian were very happy. They were going to Aunt Laura's house for a week because their parents were on call.
James rang the doorbell of Aunt Laura's house. She warmly welcomed them and gave them a smoothie.
The reason why the boys liked the house was because Aunt Laura gave them yummy food and sometimes she gave them marbles and real diamonds.
Aunt Laura was a very rich person who lived in a house with fifteen staircases. Every floor had a kitchen and five rooms.
Her room was on the tenth floor. Uncle John her husband had a room in the eleventh floor. The other floors were empty but contained important stuff and treasures.
''I like your house Auntie, it is wonderful ‘‘, Ian commented.
''Thank you my dear now you both should choose a room but only on the second floor because the others have important stuff in them'', Aunt Laura explained.
The boys rushed upstairs while the servants loaded the suitcases in the elevator for things only. The things had reached before the boys.  James and Ian chose a huge room. Suddenly, Uncle John appeared.
''Do you boys know anything about Laura's glasses they have been lost for a week, will you find it, your auntie is worried about them '', he persuaded.
James and Ian began to find.
''Not here, nor here....'', said James lifting up some cushions. They looked and looked. At the end of the week they found the glasses in their cupboard. Ian gave the glasses back to their Aunt Laura.    
She rewarded them with a huge red ball and weren’t mummy and daddy pleased with them?
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Comments 4
Anam Such a great story and i agree with menahil Anam
Nov 1st 2013
Tooba Excellent! Tooba
Aug 8th 2012
Nimra Thanks Menahil Nimra
Jul 28th 2012
Menahil You've got a great sense of literature Nimra. Menahil
Jul 26th 2012

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