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Zainab Khan
Zainab Khan
D A Model High School Phase 4 Karachi
An Enjoyable Picnic
Published On Jul 13th 2012
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Once upon a time there was a lonely family they had only one daughter and her name was Sasha one day Sasha said to her mother and father Mr. and Mrs. David that I want to have a picnic in the fruit park Mr. and Mrs. David said ok and the next morning Mrs. David packed a picnic mat, bottles of water, fruits and things to eat in the mean while Sasha took her ball and Mr. David took and umbrella when the packing was done they all sat in the car and Mr. David drove the car to the fruit park when they reached there Mr. and Mrs. David set the picnic mat and umbrella while Sasha played on the swing there she found a cute little puppy she asked her mother if she could keep it and her mother said ok after that they all had and enjoyable picnic with the puppy and Sasha made lots of friends too and they weren’t lonely any more.  
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Comments 12
Tooba Nice Tooba
May 27th 2014
LyeBa Nyc 1....! Lyeba
Jan 20th 2013
Amna Gud Amna
Dec 22nd 2012
(^_^) My drawings, stories, jokes, poems and articles are not being posted also!!!>... ^_^ (^_^)
Sep 7th 2012
(^_^) My drawings, stories, jokes, poems and articles are not being posted also!!!>... ^_^ (^_^)
Sep 7th 2012
Neha That 1s good! Neha
Aug 25th 2012
Khadijah Fatima go to my page then stories go to the bottom of the page (stories) there you could see written add your page then you add poems,stories,jokes e.t.c. Khadijah
Aug 9th 2012
Tooba Zainab i have tried but it doesnt work Tooba
Aug 7th 2012
Menahil Zainab, your story is good but I think tht u could hv added a bit more details and well, full stops are missing........ Menahil
Jul 26th 2012
zainab Fatima you just go to your page click storie and you can add something Zainab
Jul 24th 2012
Tooba Someone plzz tell me how to send a story. is there an email? if yes then what Tooba
Jul 13th 2012
l Good L
Jul 13th 2012

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