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Sidra Abdul Rauf
Sidra Abdul Rauf
Pakistan International School
Fruit Facts
Published On Jul 14th 2012
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  • Nothing rhymes with orange.
  • Lime is free of fat, saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol.
  • If you warm a lemon before squeezing it, it will yield more juice!
  • The largest fruits are giant pumpkins. The largest one weighed over 1000 pounds!
  • Banana plants are not trees they are giant herbs
  • Leaving diluted lime juice in a teapot over night will clean the brown stains!
  • Research has shown that eating apples will reduce the risk of many kinds of cancer.
  • Add half a cup of lemon to your laundry to brighten the whites
  • Lime were fed to British sailors to prevent scurvy
  • Pineapple juice can be used to remove the fingerprints from your skin.
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Comments 17
Sidra I love strawberries and mango's Sidra
Aug 11th 2012
Emaan Yumm I love fruits! What;s your fav fruit, Sidra? Emaan
Aug 9th 2012
Abir Good... i didnt know all of them... Abir
Aug 1st 2012
Ahmed Im not agreed with the last one because once a criminal tried to burn his tips to remove prints but after some time they were appeared again Ahmed
Jul 30th 2012
Sidra Thxx :D Sidra
Jul 21st 2012
Wajeeha Well and good one, Sidra... Wajeeha
Jul 21st 2012
eisha Nice :) hope u come up with more facts the next time but this one isn't bad either :) Eisha
Jul 19th 2012
Sidra Thank you for all the good comments! :D Sidra
Jul 18th 2012
Muhammad Hassam Good article of knowledge Muhammad Hassam
Jul 18th 2012
Sidra Thank you! :D Sidra
Jul 16th 2012
Raniah Nice. . . . . :) Raniah
Jul 16th 2012
Aisha Nice facts..... Aisha
Jul 16th 2012
Abdur Rafay Hmm....informative!! Abdur Rafay
Jul 16th 2012
rimsha Good Rimsha
Jul 15th 2012
Urooj Owsumm and yummY yUmmmY....:) i like it al0t...n im g0nna try the lem0n one.. Urooj
Jul 15th 2012
l From where u got these facts... L
Jul 14th 2012
l WOW Sidra I never knew this facts.what is meant by last fact... L
Jul 14th 2012

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