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Hurriya Nasir
Hurriya Nasir
Beacon House Juniper Campus
The Angry Parrot
Published On Jul 14th 2012
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Once a lady and a man owned a big house. Their names were Fatima and Ahmed. They had a grey parrot named Bruno. The parrot was very intelligent. They kept it on their entrance. Bruno learned to say walaikum salam when their owner came in and said Aslam u Alikum and when they said what is the voice of a cat it said ”meaw” and a dog it said “woof woof”. Fatima and Ahmed always praised it and told everyone they met. But they did not give proper food to it because they were too busy in their office work. They gave him sun flower seeds once in a day. So one day Bruno thought that “I always answer to what they say but they do not give me my food so now I would not say anything”. One day Fatima came in the house with some guests and said “Aslam u Alikum” but the parrot did not reply and when she said second time it said “be quiet” and the guest burst into laughter. Many days were gone but Bruno did not say a single word because it was not happy and parrots only talk when they are happy. Fatima was worried she took it to a vet. The vet said “he is not happy that’s why it is not talking. And you are not giving Bruno its proper food. Ahmed realized that vet was correct. They always listened Bruno giving answer to whatever they said but they did not give him proper food. So they were feeling very sorry. After that day they took Bruno everywhere .They took it out of its cage and made him sit on their shoulder. Now the parrot was very happy so he began to talk and answer. And Bruno, Fatima and Ahmed lived happily.
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Comments 5
hurriya Thank u fizza and bint Hurriya
Feb 13th 2013
anam I love this story. excellent hurriya!!!!!!! Anam
Sep 13th 2012
Saba Good 1 keep it up :) Saba
Aug 17th 2012
hurriya Thank u Khadijah Hurriya
Aug 9th 2012
Khadijah I and my sister liked the story. Khadijah
Aug 7th 2012

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