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Menahil Idrees
Menahil Idrees
13 O'clock (part 2)
Published On Jul 11th 2012
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Giselle had just said the words and there it was. Robert could not believe what she had just said. A clock with 13 digits. Impossible. Till now they had been seeing everything through small gaps and holes in the walls through which moonlight fell. And everything appeared quite clear. But Robert was not sure. He took out the candle and the match box he always kept in his pocket. Quickly, after lighting the candle he drew it closer to the clock. Quite, surely the clock did have 13 digits on it. "See, the clock does have 13 digits on it", Giselle exclaimed. "But how can this be?" Robert couldn't believe what he saw. Then ignoring it he said "Some one might have made it just for fun, you know". "As if, Robert people don't buy such things and especially if it is in a castle then it has to be something dangerous", Giselle was once more scared. "You and extraordinary fears", Robert was no use to understand Giselle.
But Giselle somehow felt that this was life threatening. As soon as the clock would strike 13 probably something terrible would happen. But Robert couldn't possibly understand. He was not scared of things until something terrible really happened. It was Giselle who was always scared.
Ignoring the clock, Robert began climbing up the stairs to find a bedroom. Giselle followed him. She couldn't stay alone in this freaky castle. The stairs ended at a huge corridor. The corridor was filled with pictures and statues. The pictures seemed to have portraits of the royal family. But Giselle and Robert were not concerned about the pictures. They were only paying attention to the statues. The statues were heads of people with their names written below them. But these people didn't look as if they belonged to the royal family. Instead, they were commoners. Underneath each name a date was written. Just as they were gazing at the statues, Giselle pointed out the statue of their Dad's previous boss. "Robert, what is the statue of Dad's ex-boss doing here. Remember he went missing the previous year and below his name 2011 is written. The same year in which he went missing". Robert was amazed. Now the thought of Giselle flashed through his mind. Was the clock really haunted? Did it kill people? Had Dad's ex-boss somehow stumble in this castle? Was he killed and never to be found again? Was the same going to happen with them?
These questions flashed in and out of Robert's mind like a torch flashing here and there. Suddenly, he heard Giselle calling, "Robert, are you okay" He shook his head and nodded. Now he felt that maybe Giselle was right. If something happened at 13 O Clock he would be ready for it. Both of them searched for a bedroom until they finally reached one. "I guess one bedroom is okay. Or would you prefer a separate one for yourself Giselle?" Robert questioned her. "Now normally, I wouldn't say this but in this spooky castle, I would prefer staying with you" Giselle replied. "Okay". Both of them headed in the bedroom. Spider webs hung everywhere. Dust and soot was here and there. The bed looked as if almost broken but they have to stick to it. Giselle climbed on to the bed. "Oh, all this dust". She wiped it of with her hands. She sat there scared. "Aren't you gonna sleep too, Robert". Robert looked as if he was curious. He replied, "You sleep. I am not sleepy now." Giselle was surprised. Robert was hiding something from her and she had to find that out. "Robert, what are you hiding from me?" Robert knew he had to tell his sister that he thought that the whole 13 O Clock thing was real but somehow he hesitated. Still he said "Giselle, I think that the 13 O Clock thing was real. I guess you were right. "Giselle's face looked as if from an old movie.
With her mouth wide open, she could hardly say a thing. Just as she was about to speak, she heard the clock. DING DONG!! DING DONG!! Last time when they had seen the clock it was 12:05. It meant that now it was 13 O Clock!!!!! What would happen now? Were they dead or alive!!!!!
WATCH OUT FOR PART 3……… coming next month.

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Comments 13
Gul Noor Dear,minahil i read the 1st part but cudnt comment but this story is awwwxsoomee!! Gul Noor
Dec 15th 2013
Aisha Excellent.... Aisha
Aug 6th 2012
Menahil I am so sorry, I couldn't upload part 3 on 1 Aug. Well, now I have uploaded it(3rd Aug 2012). Menahil
Aug 3rd 2012
Raniah Ooh . . . :) menahil u r really a good writer :) . . . Raniah
Jul 20th 2012
Menahil Thanxx 4 ur comments. Raniah ur pic is like so gud. it expresses true love for Pakistan. Actually part 3 is like still in process of completion but I promise, I will upload it on August 1st. Menahil
Jul 17th 2012
Raniah Very nice . . . . story . . .!! Raniah
Jul 17th 2012
Sidra Part 3 part 3!!!we need part 3!!!!! NOW!!!! Sidra
Jul 15th 2012
Ashna Nice story...waiting for part 3!!! Ashna
Jul 13th 2012
Emaan Well,Momina, I think part 2 is SERIOUS shivers! Emaan
Jul 12th 2012
Menahil Hey Momina! The answer to ur question ïž tht my story waz 2 long and anywayzz I luv suspense. Don't u? Did u like part 2 or not? Menahil
Jul 11th 2012
Emaan OMG. Menahil,your story is so scary! I can't wait a month for part 3! Please publish part 3 this month. I'm dying to know what happened to them!!!! Emaan
Jul 11th 2012
momina Why do you leave the story incomplete! Momina
Jul 11th 2012
Menahil Hey guyzz! Ur w8 ïž over.enjoy this part. Thanxx Menahil
Jul 11th 2012

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