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Usman  Abid
Usman Abid
Comsat Univerisity
Published On Dec 14th 2010
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Surviving for life has been a vital role of man on earth, way back over centuries. Man survived from harmful animals. There were terrifying dinosaurs, to sea monstrous. Yet today man has been on the verge of defending himself against its enemy, it can be in shape of war attacks or terrorist bomb blasts. People though have become materialistic, nowadays but act of killing innocent people shows cruelty from certain extremists evolved by various religious groups in the society. The point to make here is that are we doing justice to the guiltless Muslims, across the world? Certainly not!!
This was a news bulletin headline, an eye catcher to itself, “Two brothers killed in Sialkot”. I can’t reveal the entire story here, saying what has happened, who were the murders, who were on fault. I just want to ask, what was the police doing?  Are they not meant for protecting the citizens of their country? They were spectators watching death of two helpless brothers being brutally killed by    a group of locals. If this is what they are recruited for, this means, they are not performing their designated duties for the safety of citizen, surely nation has to find another way to protect them. Humanity’s most insane example was portrait at Sialkot; policemen looking them die and crowd looking not even stopping the pitiless act. The entire crowd surrounding and watching the youngsters has been the root cause for this giant slaughtering issue.
Every organization has a law and order; either it is a small factory or the mechanized computer company, everyone has its own rules. Rules are to be obeyed, and if not then this yields always to destruction. We always try to break rules and feel it to be fun, whether we are in a queue or in a traffic signal. And if these small flaws get together they correspond to what has happen in Sialkot. Today police is doing nothing, just working their way to get money through any means. Either taking bribery, or taking life of one in their hand, they always change their taste for earning their livelihood.  I ask you all the people, is this are country’s representatives are blend for?
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Comments 2
Bint waseem GUD EFFORT......... Bint Waseem
Mar 11th 2011
Usman Helooo friends do read this article... isnt it good.. i need to write for any magazine.. editors do make me in consideration thanks usman Usman
Dec 16th 2010

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