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Sarmad Malik
Sarmad Malik
Published On Dec 10th 2010
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There were 2 people who come for getting Jobs. One was educated while other was not. First man gave the interview he was asked
Officer: Who is the current president of America?
Officer: When was Pakistan independent?
Officer:Is there any person on Mars
Man: Scientists are trying from many years but still now they can’t know till now
The first man tells the answer to another man.
Officer: What is your name???
Man: Obama
Officer(In Surprise) When were you born??
Man: 1947
Officer: (In angry) Are you gone mad?
Man: Scientists are trying till now but they can still know.

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Comments 11
Berha Hahahahah! Berha
Feb 12th 2017
Anna XD!!! Anna
Mar 6th 2016
Marwa Hahahahahhahhhahahhhahahhahahahhahahahahahah Marwa
Aug 17th 2013
Zuhaa This is called funny :) Zuhaa
Jul 16th 2012
Ibrahim Hooooooo! haaaaaaa! hooooooo! haaaaaaa! haaaaaay! haaaaaaa! Ibrahim
Mar 12th 2011
Bint waseem Hahahaha.... Bint Waseem
Mar 5th 2011
Marium Hahaaha a very gooood one! Marium
Feb 19th 2011
owais Your joke was very good just keep going Owais
Jan 8th 2011
Sarmad Thnx bt there is a mistake last one (but they cant still know) i wrote by mistake (they can still know) Sarmad
Dec 24th 2010
ARSHAH Good one!!!!!!!!! Arshah
Dec 15th 2010
Maryam HAHAHHAHAHA you cracked me up Maryam
Dec 15th 2010

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