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Emaan  Farhan
Emaan Farhan
Westminster School And College
Believe In Yourself
Published On Jun 22nd 2012
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Annie was trembling. The sound of it hurt her ears. Miss McCracken had announced the candidates for class president. She was one of them. But it was not that she was worried about; it was Angeline. Angeline was the most popular girl in the whole school and she was bound to be class 4 president. How could I compete with Angeline? I'm totally invisible to the school. Oh then I'll lose! Thought Annie. That was quite true, Annie was not even noticed in the school and one thing, she HATED losing.
"Hey Annie! Good luck! It's okay, when I win, I'll give a long speech that'll help you hide from your shame."Angeline said Coldy to Annie with her gang of girls at Recess. Annie looked down and put her glasses in her pocket and kept moving. She sat down on the last table and unpacked her tray of lunch. "Hi, Annie. What's wrong?" She heard a voice behind her. It was little Joe of 2nd class. "Nothing. Aren't you supposed to be with your little 2nd grade friends?"Annie asked, raising her eyebrows and quickly swiping a tear from her eyes. "OOh got to run! Robbie and William are calling me!" He sped off to his table. Anne looked hopefully at Angeline and her girls. Angeline noticed, and went up to her table." Why are you staring at us?"She asked, tossing her strawberry blonde curls off her shoulders, wiggling her fingers as she did so. Annie hung her head in silence and Angeline grinned. She pranced back to her table.
To be continued................
If you want to know about Annie just write in the comment and I'll tell you.
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Comments 13
Momina Hahahaha Emaan, you artful puss!! ur hoping they notice ur comment, and do it quickly with a warm heart!!!!! awesome story! Momina
Dec 1st 2012
Aiman Gud story Aiman
Aug 5th 2012
Raniah Nice Raniah
Jul 26th 2012
Emaan I've written the next part, now it's up to the KIND people at Vshine to publish it :-) Emaan
Jul 19th 2012
l Nice story L
Jul 17th 2012
Emaan Thank you everyone! The next part I'll write on Wednesday! I've got something else to handle first.... Emaan
Jul 16th 2012
FR NO.1 Why was she invisible guys Fr No.1
Jul 16th 2012
Emaan I will be writing the next part next week because this week I am so busy I'm the president of my club and I need to do alot of work and plus school homework and LJ homework. Sorry Ppl........... Emaan
Jul 11th 2012
momina Nice Momina
Jul 11th 2012
Omama What happens next??????????????? Omama
Jul 10th 2012
aqsa Nice Aqsa
Jul 6th 2012
Emaan In the sense, not very popular or noticed in the whole school. She wasn't ACTUALLY invisible!! Emaan
Jul 5th 2012
Ali Good story and tell me why was annie invisible to the whole school???????? Ali
Jul 4th 2012

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