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Anas Saad
Anas Saad
Hala International
A Lion And A Mosquito
Published On Jun 22nd 2012
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A mosquito was buzzing around a lion trying to suck his blood. "What a pest! I will crush you'" said the lion. The lion tried to catch the mosquito with his big paws but he could not because the mosquito dodged very quickly. “You boast of being the king of the animals, but I am not afraid of you!” Said mosquito, insulting the lion.
The lion got angry at what the mosquito said and tried to bite the mosquito said and tried to bite him. The mosquito buzzed through the lion's sharp fangs, and said with contempt, "Do you admit defeat? Tour fangs and sharp claws can't hurt me! Now it's my turn! He flapped his wings forcefully as a signal to other mosquitoes to come. Countless numbers of mosquitoes gathered from for and near to form a swarm. "Companions, thank you for coming to help. Attack our enemy the lion!" At once the black swarm attacked the lion. "It's unbearably itchy! Help, help!" cried the lion, scratching his face. At last, he jumped into the river to comfort his scratchy face. "Now you must admit defeat," said the mosquito, and was about to fly away, When he was suddenly caught in a spider's web. He tried very hard to free himself, but spider caught him and began to eat him.
"I never imagined that after beating a lion, I would be beaten by a small spider," he so bad.
MORAL:  False confidence may lead to bad judgement.
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Comments 7
anas Do you like my story? Anas
Dec 31st 2013
anas I like this story Anas
Nov 11th 2012
anas You right good storie Anas
Nov 11th 2012
momina Nice! Momina
Jul 11th 2012
Omama Wonderful Omama
Jul 10th 2012
Ali Gr8 story and a very nice moral your story is excellent......!!!!! Ali
Jun 29th 2012
anas Dear friends Do you like my story and read it? please, comments about the story that it is good or bad Anas
Jun 26th 2012

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