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Daniyal Nadeem
Daniyal Nadeem
St.patricks High School
Life Is Not Easy As It Looks
Published On Jun 22nd 2012
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Life is a stage where everyone has their roles

But I believe it’s a lonely road with some burning coals

Life is not easy as it looks

As it is clearly said in some anonymous books

At every stage u may feel it’s stable

But it’s actually something falling off the table

Sometimes it may look satisfy

Thinking of many ways to fly

Sometimes you may find yourself on the peek

You’ll find many ways to seek

And whenever you may close your eyes

You’ll find everyone in disguise

They will be your friends on some occasions

Only on their simple terms and conditions

There will be time when love will be in the air

Believe me you'll not be able to bare

This world is very cruel

Where everyone wants to rule

Being a kid is the greatest thing ever

Until your last breath you'll remember it forever

As it is clearly mention in some books

Truly, sincerely life is not as easy as it looks.


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Comments 13
Maryam My pleAsure :) Maryam
Jul 16th 2012
Disenchanted. BTW thanks 4 ur relief!=) Disenchanted.
Jul 10th 2012
Maryam OOo don't u have ur personal account? Maryam
Jul 10th 2012
Disenchanted. This account is running by my sis e mail! Disenchanted.
Jul 9th 2012
Maryam Actually:Pi am in the list of those who like to make friends and make them happy .... i don't know frm which problem u are undergoing but i just want to make u fell relief so can u send ur email address or are you on facebook? Maryam
Jul 9th 2012
Maryam What's your email address? Maryam
Jul 8th 2012
Disenchanted. I know my past will not come but my past has effect me as well as my future! Disenchanted.
Jul 7th 2012
Disenchanted. Yup.....U r right I'll also pray for ur better future!:)! I am also always happy but when things get worst I get a bit sad! Disenchanted.
Jul 6th 2012
Maryam My life is also same like as yours but i am always happy because it waz my past and it will never come again...whatever is coming in my present,i am ignoring it and praying for better future....i am happy :) you should thank to Allah for giving you life and pray to him to grant you happiness and to give you help. Maryam
Jul 5th 2012
Disenchanted. I didn't mean to insult my life but nobody knows the things I am undergoing!When i told my secret to my best friend she started crying becuz she maybe knows how it is 2 survive!I am sorry i didn't want 2 insult my life! Disenchanted.
Jul 4th 2012
Raniah I like it , infAct its truth Raniah
Jul 2nd 2012
Maryam Excuse me fire cracker you are not supposed to insult your life in this way there is a nyc saying"live each day like its your last" forget past because it will never come again and concentrate on your present because it will never come again thnx :) Maryam
Jul 2nd 2012
Disenchanted. U r right life is horrible if someone else lives my life they might die soon cuz my past and present is worst.. Disenchanted.
Jun 29th 2012

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