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Ali Raza
Ali Raza
Habib Public School
Published On Jun 22nd 2012
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I hate you
You hate me
Let’s go home and kill Barney
With a great big gun
And a bullet on his head
Sorry kids but Barney is dead.
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Comments 12
Eraj I half love Barney and half hate Barney Eraj
Jan 25th 2013
Emaan LOL :D K, All dance and music is used to teach children and tell hem manners and etiquettes, And what's wrong with 'combination' of girls and boys? I'd like some logic,re-logic into this. Emaan
Nov 26th 2012
Khadijah I hate barney Khadijah
Aug 8th 2012
Khadijah I hate barney. all episode contain dance,music and combination of boys and girls. i hate that seen.i agree with the pome Khadijah
Aug 7th 2012
Emaan I MOST certainly don't approve of it. I love Barney. Emaan
Jul 29th 2012
Emaan Well I certainly don't approve of it :) Emaan
Jul 13th 2012
Ali Excuse me Emaan it's just a poem do you understood Ali
Jul 12th 2012
Emaan This is a big insult to Barney. What is it that you dont like him? I dont think its funny I think its stupid. Barney is NICE! Emaan
Jul 11th 2012
Sidra Haha nyce one! Sidra
Jul 4th 2012
Raniah Nice Raniah
Jul 1st 2012
sarah Good one: ) Sarah
Jun 30th 2012
Ali Gr8!!!!!!=) Ali
Jun 23rd 2012

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