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Rohah Naqvi
Rohah Naqvi
The Strange Message
Published On Dec 9th 2010
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Once there was a handsome and cute boy named Humza.He was very selfish.He did not care for anything or anybody.He had golden-brown eyes with a tinge of hazel in them.His hair were bronze and it looked lovely with his pale complexion.
                       One night, he was checking his mails when he came across  an e-mail which read "The Beautiful Sights Of Heaven!!!" He was shocked and amazed to see the time of the arrival of the mail.It was exactly midnight.he yawned a big yawn, big enough for a butterfly to fly in and then he opened the email, not even caring to look at the senders name and address.
     There were lots of pictures in the mail.While browsing through the mail,he slept;dreaming about the beauty of Jannah and the here-after.He opened his eyes,when he realized that he was lying somewhere soft,grassy,wet with dew and cold.
     He was in the middle of the most beautiful forest,full of sunflowers,roses,daffodils,lily s,belladonna,lotus and lots more beautiful flowers that ever existed on earth, and beautiful birds were chirping all over the forest.When he observed more earnestly and with wide,amazed eyes, he saw that just behind him there was a river full of pure,white milk!!! He was very astonished to see it.There was a honey-fall too!
                          He was taken aback by the beautiful surroundings;but something in the things surprised was not the honey-fall nor the soft glossy, sweet grass not even the flowers or the rose paths and all the beautiful things but something else..........
                        He thought that he had seen this somewhere,sometime..."oh!it was in the e-mail! what a fool i am not to remember that!" While he was exploring the place,he was troubled by sudden hunger."Oh man!! did i feel hungry at this time??"Hassan thought.Then he plucked a big,red,juicy apple out of the tree.While he was eating it, juice trickled onto his hand and then his arm.He washed in the milk river.
                         After he had finished eating, he sat down by a beautiful,big,shady,green tree.Suddenly,he was dazzled by a immediate green light."What was that?" He thought."I am an angel and i am here to guide you on the straight path." said a glorious voice,sweet,sacchariferous,pleasant,charming and soft voice.And suddenly abruptly and swiftly without warning came a beautiful young man out of nowhere.He looked young,angelic,elegant,,pulchritudinous,beautiful and gorgeous.His appearance was so stunning that Humza asked him "But if mean you are an angel??But.....but angels are a kind of light it?"Asked Humza remembering an Islamiat lecture.The angel replied  calmly, "yes, I am an angel,no doubt.And yes, of course angels are light but I've changed myself into a human boy because the light light we are made up of is so blinding that no living organism can see it." "Oh,I got it.But tell me why are you here?" Replied the confused boy."I'm here to guide you at the right path,my boy." And saying  this the angel pointed to some corner of the wall."Did you look in there?" He asked  pointing."Nopes.How could anyone look through a plain,hard,solid wall?" "Come,I'll show you".Replied the angel.So Humza and the angel both went to the corner of the wall and instantly there was a door in front of them.
                           They entered a rather hot place.There and saw a pretty ghastly  scène.There was a great,big,orange and blue fire.And people were burning in it.Those who were burned inherited another skin and thrown into the flames,again.This process repeated a thousand times.Then Humza saw that the people in that gruesome place,were drinking stale blood,and they were eating other repulsive material like alive cats,lizards,crushed beetles etc.
Humza shuddered at the hideous sight. "Oh Mr............Mr Angel.........I do not wanna see this.Please take me back.Oh I beg you......please please.............." "Yes of course,my boy.of course." And instantly they came back to the place called heaven.
                            My boy,did you look at that place nicely?Do you like it?" "Oh no.i hate it." "Yes my boy.Yes.Everybody hates it.But it looks as if you want to go in there isnt it?" "Me and in there?Noway never,ever" "But you see you are a selfish little lad,my dear boy.Hell is the the right place for selfish,mean,parsimonious,stingy and dis-agreeable people.And you are a selfish little tot.So tell me do you WANT to go in there?" "No, I do not want to go in that nasty place again.No way.I'll do anything i have to do for not going in,again." "OK,fine.But then, you'll have to change your habits,dear boy." "I will I will............"
              Suddenly Humza woke up from his deep sleep.He was wet all over."Why am I wet??" He thought.But he did not have to ask."Get up young idiot!I've been shaking you for the past five minutes."Shouted his big brother,Hassan,rudely."I...........I was dreaming about the heaven and the hell.Bro, do you know that nasty people,like you,go to the hell?" "oh,yeah yeah...for Gods sake! will you please shut up?and stop talking non-sense?" Replied his vexed brother rudely.And Humza rushed to the bathroom making a mental note to remember his promise.And from that day onwards Humza became an obedient,trustworthy,a honorable and an admirable student and man.
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Comments 4
Saadia Well is kinda true Saadia
May 22nd 2014
Tooba Great Tooba
May 3rd 2014
Ali This is a story so good that it should be a winner of at least 100 prizes Ali
Dec 15th 2011
Aamna I like your story Aamna
Dec 26th 2010

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