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Sana  Minhaj
Sana Minhaj
The City School International Jeddah
The Race!
Published On Dec 9th 2010
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Zak Marathon was an average boy of 12. He studied in Shining Star Intl. He had an elder sister. Both his parents were doctors. They had a maid who attended to all their needs. She was as fat as a hippo.

Richie Rowan was the school bully. He stole other childrens' lunch money and he beat them up if they refused to give any.He swam like a dolphin. He ran as quick as a cheetah, but the thing Zak hated most about him was that Rowan was very proud. He was as proud as a peacock. A few days ago Rowan had challenged him to a race after school. Zak at once understood why Rowan had challenged him. He, Zak, was the fastest runner in the school. But he wasn't a proud peacock about it. Rowan thought he could defeat him. Then the whole school would know it and Rowan would be prouder. Zak accepted.

"Hi! You look as pale as a ghost." his best friend, Albus, greeted him as he entered the park where the race was going to take place in a few minutes. He drank a glass of water which Albus offered him. The water was as cold as ice.

The race began. Zak ran as fast as he could. Rowan ran like a a cheetah and was soon ahead of Zak. "Rowan! Rowan!" The audience (Almost all the students in school) cheered. "No!" Thought Zak, "I can't let him win! If he's a cheetah, I'm a rocket!" There was an immediate increase in Zak's speed. And then, before he knew it, he had crossed the Finishing Line. He had won! He was as happy as a lark! He could hear Albus and the others congratulating him. He saw Rowan kick a stone like a mule. But he didn't care. He had finally won!
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Comments 18
Saadia Aamna h r u and h old are u Saadia
May 22nd 2014
RAFIA Nice story Rafia
Apr 2nd 2014
xerac AOA NYC TRY Xerac
Dec 31st 2011
Sana I study in grade 7, and you? Menahil in Pakistan, in which area d'you live? Tell me something about your school. Sana
Feb 24th 2011
Minhil I dont know about that Sana because i've never been to Jeddah... by the way Sana in which class do u study???? Minhil
Feb 23rd 2011
Sana Menahil, that's cool. How's the City School in Pakistan? I've heard it's very nice and better than the City School in Jeddah? Sana
Feb 22nd 2011
Minhil Yes Aleena...Why??????? do u want to ask me something? Minhil
Feb 18th 2011
Aleena Menahil you live in Karachi? Aleena
Feb 17th 2011
Minhil Wow.....Sana i also go The City School but in Karachi,Pakistan Minhil
Feb 16th 2011
Sana The City School International Jeddah in Jeddah! Sana
Feb 1st 2011
Aleena The Punjab School System! in Lahore! And u? Aleena
Jan 30th 2011
Sana Minhaj Wow, Aleena! I'm 12. Which school do you go to? Sana Minhaj
Jan 29th 2011
Aleena I am 13 and u? Aleena
Jan 25th 2011
Sana Your welcome! Whats your age, Aleena? Sana
Jan 25th 2011
Aleena Thanks sana! Aleena
Jan 25th 2011
Sana Thanks Aamna and Aleena. Aamna, you've got a very nice name. Aleena, ofcourse I can be your friend! A person can never have too many friends! Sana
Jan 7th 2011
Aleena Hello Sana! your story is fabulous! if you don't mind i want to say that ..........????? WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND? (reply me must) Aleena
Dec 31st 2010
Aamna I like your story Aamna
Dec 26th 2010

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