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Directioner Forever Assawer T.
Directioner Forever Assawer T.
O-levels(10th)- Al-maarefah International School Jazan
Peace & Quiet
Published On Jun 22nd 2012
Total Comments : 138
Total Views :  1613
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There is no peace & quiet
Everywhere situations are tight
Popping up around us are fights
Nothing around us is going right
No hope we have that might
The coming days be bright
Only I can make the plight
To pray that may our future
Be showered with sunlight.
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Comments 138
Directioner Forever HAHHAHHAH @zoya, I am a female. Very much so. Without a doubt! Directioner Forever
May 12th 2017
Zoya What are you a male or female ? Zoya
Sep 16th 2016
May 23rd 2015
Hadia Very nice :):):):):):):):):):):)AND cool yr Hadia
Mar 18th 2015
Irum I dont:( BUT my mum has Twitter... Irum
Nov 25th 2013
Disenchanted. Do u guys have insatagram?(I do) Disenchanted.
Nov 11th 2013
Arooba Thankyou so much tooba and I am waiting for the album midnight memories of one direction I think that their songs gonna be awesome and so much excited. Arooba
Nov 9th 2013
Directioner Forever Nothing much.. just been quite busy ahhhhaha yepp i heard them and they're amazing.. but Just cant let her go isnt on the album Directioner Forever
Nov 8th 2013
Tooba They are mind blowing songs.truly they are awesome..... i loved both of these songs.... :) @arooba your profile pic is awesome.... Tooba
Oct 30th 2013
Irum Uh, yeah... I... I... guess they are.. Irum
Oct 30th 2013
Arooba Songs are amazing right ayesha? Arooba
Oct 30th 2013
Irum @AroobaYep!! I have Irum
Oct 28th 2013
Arooba What do you think guys about my profile pic?did anyone of you listen the one direction new song diana and the story of my life and just cant let her go ? Arooba
Oct 27th 2013
Tooba What's going on these days asswar....???????? Tooba
Oct 26th 2013
Irum It'll be released on November 25th. Irum
Oct 14th 2013
Tooba When the mid night memories of 1D is releasing????? any guesses???? :) :) :) Tooba
Oct 13th 2013
Irum Lol:D But, I read its review and it said that it was directed at the late princess of wales, Diana. So its nt a love song. I'm sooo looking forward to the new album"Midnight Memories"..... Irum
Oct 10th 2013
Tooba In my point of view, it's a LOVE song.which i love... <3 Tooba
Oct 9th 2013
Irum The new song "diana"of 1d is awesome... Actually I dont understand, is it a love song or just about lady diana?? Irum
Oct 7th 2013
Irum I got it!! The movie. Yesterday I got it frm a DVD store. Man, I thought it wudnt cum out this early but it did!! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!! Irum
Oct 4th 2013
Irum I'm soooo bummed out coz my mums like, I cant take u to the cinema to see it coz its a musical boy band and we ARE muslims. So that means that I'm gonna watch it when it comes out on DVD.. W8ing!! Irum
Oct 2nd 2013
Directioner Forever Nice t meet y'all new directioners.. its always a pleasure.. Directioner Forever
Oct 1st 2013
Arooba Hey guys i am also a directioner Arooba
Sep 29th 2013
Urooj Hwy asawer im here tooo:))ofcoarse poem is 0wsummm.... and im too a die heart fan of direction.....and i have a big crush on zayn and niall.....:)))) best song ever isxx best :))) and is it confirm that they r going to have a muslim wedding???i didnt knwe that :O Urooj
Sep 29th 2013
Tooba Really ??? den dats good... :) i actually don't like perrie so i'm not gonna say CUTE.... coz she looks a bit older den him which i don't like.... :) Tooba
Sep 16th 2013
Irum You know what? Zayn and Perrie are gonna have a Muslim wedding next summer!!! Sooooo cute, dont you think?? Irum
Sep 16th 2013
Tooba Wat zayn n perrie are living in pakistan???? really??? or i didn't understand wat u wanna say???? Tooba
Sep 15th 2013
Directioner Forever Dudes I love Perrie & Zayn together.... & for all you people living in pakistan, the movie comes out on 27th september in your nearest cinepax cinema Directioner Forever
Sep 14th 2013
Irum Directioners! News Flash! One Direction’s star Louis Tomlinson was in the wars yesterday when he was playing football in a charity match. He was heavily tackled by Aston Villa striker Gabby Agbonlahor and clattered into a heap of popstar pain before vomiting up. The professional footballer was sent death threats after the coming together (NOT LIKE THAT). A fan smashed at their keyboard: "This guy hurt Louis knee. I shall hurt your face. I better hear that you apologized or I will find you, and I will kill you." Irum
Sep 14th 2013
Tooba Alright. it'll be ok...... Tooba
Sep 4th 2013
Irum No.. I can't find it...Its new, that's why it's not on the Internet. But don't worry, it'll come on the Net soon. I saw its trailer, though. Irum
Sep 4th 2013
Tooba Thnx ayesha for liking my profile pic. :) and second;y have u seen that documentary u told us about???? Tooba
Sep 2nd 2013
Irum "Best song Ever" is such a gr8 song. I like it very much!! Irum
Aug 31st 2013
Irum I think the movie's coming out on 30th August. M not sure. You can check on Google if u want to. And, yeah, I dont like Perrie either. By the way, I just loooove your new profile picture. Irum
Aug 30th 2013
Tooba WHAT ????? zayn n perrie arre getting married???? when ???? i didn't know about that. i hate perrie.. she looks elder than zayn.(don't mind that :) ) when there movie's coming out????? we should be sweet to each n everyone. Tooba
Aug 25th 2013
Irum You guys are so sweet. :) Irum
Aug 24th 2013
Directioner Forever And I am sorry if u felt bad or something cz of me.. yeah no hard feelings :) and yay i am so excited about zayn & perrie getting married.. i luv them both !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Directioner Forever
Aug 23rd 2013
Tooba Yeah yeah its ok. its fine. Tooba
Aug 22nd 2013
Irum Hey, all my comments frm August 10thto August 19th arent mine. Someone else used my account. But now my account is safe, okay? NO hard feelings, right, Assawer and tooba? Irum
Aug 22nd 2013
Irum Hey, Zayn Malik got engaged to Perrie Edwards! Oh, and that other comment, about me not Being a directioner, someone else wrote that. someones been using and hacking my acc and posting things by my acc that arent true so frget about it. I have changed my password now so my account is okay now Irum
Aug 21st 2013
Tooba Thnx for what ayesha???? Tooba
Aug 20th 2013
Irum Thanks Tooba Irum
Aug 19th 2013
Irum Hmm Irum
Aug 19th 2013
Directioner Forever Not being snobby or mean....:/ Directioner Forever
Aug 18th 2013
Irum Whatever. British, Americans, blah blah. its the same thing. Dont be snobby and mean, okay?? I wasnt even talking to you :( Irum
Aug 17th 2013
Tooba No i can never put HATE on them ever in my life.... and srry for that we heart ur feelings... AGAIN SORRY.and m nor against them neither m not in ayesha's favour.... m fifty fifty... :) :) :) Tooba
Aug 17th 2013
Directioner Forever Wassalaikum.. Eid mubarak girls.. sorry for not being on much but i have an excuse so.. and i like all of em a lot actually but I'd pick Harry :) and dude they're not "AMERICANS" .. they're British and Irish.. plz don't hate on them on my page.. its your opinion and u may even be right at some points but plz not on my page.. thank you Directioner Forever
Aug 16th 2013
Irum Thanks for understanding. Irum
Aug 15th 2013
Tooba Yes i don't mind. i hav accepted this and i also don't listen to them dat madly... i just only listen to them wen i get bore... i m sooooooo happy dat ur mentality has changed. Tooba
Aug 14th 2013
Irum Yeah, but that was before that I wanted to watch the documentary. This change in me occurred within days. And Masha'ALLAH, I am a better person and have lost all interests in these bands. I invite you to do the same, If you don't mind. Irum
Aug 13th 2013
Tooba Ur right i agree wid u. but wid dis thought y u wanna watch dat documentry... and secondly dey r BRITISH not Tooba
Aug 11th 2013
Irum Hey listen nowadays i dont like 1d that much. i mean i hate the band now. coz we shudnt do this. we are muslims. and they are americans. they have girlfriends.... and their songs also have music . music is banned in islam... this is not gud fr muslims. so i have kind of banned it frm my life..... whaddya think??? Irum
Aug 10th 2013
Tooba From where we can get it???? i've searched it on youtube but i couldn't find it... tell me i wanna see that... Tooba
Aug 8th 2013
Irum Me neither.... I really wanna see it! :( Irum
Aug 8th 2013
Tooba No i haven't seen it... :( Tooba
Aug 1st 2013
Irum Directioners, do u know the new documentary being released of 1d? IT's name is"1d:this is us". HAve any of u seen it?? Irum
Aug 1st 2013
Disenchanted. I am sooo obsessed with the new 1D song , best song ever. Disenchanted.
Jul 31st 2013
Irum Yes, I do have a directioner friend. Shes 14 yrs old. And was at my old school. Irum
Jul 30th 2013
Tooba Both ov them are good.... i also the WMYB for the first time... and after a few days i heard up all night which i loved and at MORE THAN THIS i became a u hav any directioner friend??? Tooba
Jul 28th 2013
Irum What makes u beautiful was the first one I hearrd. and rock me was the point i became a directioner. that was the second song i heard of 1d Irum
Jul 27th 2013
Jul 26th 2013
Irum There are two reasons I like him.1.Harry's smile is AWESOME!!(especially when he gets a dimple on his cheek) 2. His hair's very wavy and cute! What about you? You like Zayn , right? Irum
Jul 26th 2013
Irum I'd pick Harry. Irum
Jul 26th 2013
Tooba Ayesha which 1 is ur favourite member of one direction?????? Tooba
Jul 25th 2013
Tooba Widout a single doubt.... :) Tooba
Jul 21st 2013
Irum Well, Taken is second, But Moments is first!! I love it.. Very soothing;) Irum
Jul 20th 2013
Arwa Ramadan Mubarak Arwa
Jul 13th 2013
Tooba Welcome welcome!!! hey asswar here we hav another directioner!!!! yes moments is a very SOOTHING song.... isn't it???? it's lyrics are awesome.... wat about TAKEN???? Tooba
Jul 12th 2013
Irum Yo guys, I'm a Directioner too. My fav song is Moments.And I love Harry the most. What bout u Assawer? Irum
Jul 11th 2013
Jul 10th 2013
Jul 10th 2013
Tooba But the question remains the same....WHY????? Tooba
Jul 2nd 2013
Directioner Forever I am so sorry girls..... Amira life is going just as fine as ever.. My result came out on may 25th and i am an official tenth grader ha ha ha.. Tuba I am right i said earlier too i dont come on here very often.. so .. Directioner Forever
Jul 1st 2013
Jun 28th 2013
Tooba Asswar!!!! where are you...???? Tooba
Jun 22nd 2013
Disenchanted. Where r u assawer??? how is life going??when is ur result coming??? Disenchanted.
Jun 18th 2013
Tooba I don't fanfix Tooba
Jun 7th 2013
Tooba :'( Tooba
Jun 2nd 2013
Directioner Forever Tuba Fanfix is used as a short form of fanfiction.. and nope sorry m not allowed for skype :( Directioner Forever
Jun 1st 2013
Directioner Forever Hi.. its jazan not zazan :) and its 3 hours drive from abha and an hour by air from jeddah ... Directioner Forever
Jun 1st 2013
Gullasht AOA where is Zazan in saudia Arab Gullasht
May 30th 2013
Gullasht AOA i saw your coment on word big problem you written that i had no FB ID soO, it is not a big thing I m 15 but i have no FB ID as i don't need of it Gullasht
May 30th 2013
Tooba Wats ur plan about skype???? reply me as soon as possible.... Tooba
May 29th 2013
Tooba Wud u pleeeeez tell me that wat iz FANFIX????? actually m not familiar to wen u r joining me on skype????? m curiously waiting for u...... :) Tooba
May 17th 2013
Directioner Forever Oh ok tuba.... i use my mums laptop for using all this so yea i dont come online much... yea that was pretty satisfying... Directioner Forever
May 17th 2013
Tooba Assawer here we hav the same problem dat m not allowed to use fb.n i assure u one thing dat skype is not dat (like fb) can not browse on skype n noone can see ur profile or interfere in your its not bad if u join me on skype.i hope we'll have a gud chat.and if u r thnking dat is hud join fb then i m not interested in it.coz its jst a waste of time noyhing else more ththan that.soi shud recomend u to join skype coz its SAFE n NONRUINING for our characters. hope u n the one who doesn't allow u to use skype understand it. n please try to reply us soon.i don't say dat spend hours n hours here but pleeeeez come online reply us n go offline.n pleeeeeeez also chek ourr replies.this is wat i do. :) dat was a LONG but satisfying note. N I HOPE U R.remember me in ur prayers...... ALLAHAFIZ. WID A BIGG SMILE :D Tooba
May 12th 2013
Directioner Forever Sorry guys... Tuba i am not allowed to make skype :( and what about face book? Why Amira ?? I am here.. I just visit vshine very rarely these days.. Directioner Forever
May 10th 2013
Tooba ASSWAR!!!!!! where r u...??? Tooba
May 10th 2013
Disenchanted. Where r ya assawer these days???????????????????????? Disenchanted.
May 9th 2013
Tooba Oh!!! please asswar.pleeeez pleeez pleeez pleeez try to reply quikly.PLEEEZ!!!!! Tooba
May 4th 2013
Tooba No i don"t have.y don't u make ur own private skype account??????? please please please don't say "NO". Tooba
Apr 18th 2013
Directioner Forever Tooba, my gosh theres no need to ffeel confused.... um considering we're both directioners, i was thinking maybe we could talk abt one direction somewhere else cz like vshine is a website for um people and it wouldnt be that good if we talk abt them here... idk its my opinion tho.... and tooba dyou have a twitter acc? Directioner Forever
Apr 15th 2013
Tooba Asswar please please please try to reply quickly.this is my request so kindly do me this favour.PLEASE!!!! Tooba
Apr 15th 2013
Tooba Asswar y don't u make ur own personal skype account????? and i m 15 years old.and wat's dat which is forcing u to talk to me personally.wat's dat?????? m really confused. Tooba
Apr 9th 2013
Directioner Forever Sorry Tooba... I am really very sorry.... my skype account is only for family tho so mum wont allo me for it.... yayyyyy amira ur backkk :) m so happy for u... and tooba I am 14 , gonna be 15 in july :) wbu???? Directioner Forever
Apr 7th 2013
Disenchanted. I am back in Vshine because I miss all of my friends.I have 2 weeks off of school yay.Guys you know what I came back from America.America is not a good country for muslims.I thought If I will live there I will be away from my religion so i am back at home(U.A.E).i am soo happy that I am back in MIS.Sherwood has shifted to Musaffah.and it's new name is Merryland International school.I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happpyyyyy!!!=) Disenchanted.
Apr 3rd 2013
Tooba Asswar! this is not good. you are really tooooooooooooooooo late in replying.i'm tired of this waiting. Tooba
Apr 1st 2013
Tooba Asswar wats ur age? n pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez inform me about ur skype account.wats dat abt whch u wanna talk privately.pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez do tell me.n secondly pleeeeeeeeeeeeez try to rply quick.dis is my request.accept it n try to attempt it.pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. ur frnd tuba. a DIRECTIONER :) Tooba
Mar 29th 2013
Directioner Forever Ive a week off school Tuba :) Directioner Forever
Mar 22nd 2013
Tooba VAS HEPENIN! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Tooba
Mar 14th 2013
Mar 10th 2013
Directioner Forever HI... sorry tooba for late reply but i was thinking if we could talk somewhere more privately?? if u have twitter , plz tell me,,,, umm its hard to decide which 1D song is my fav.. they're all so cool or should i say amazayn?? ;) loll HEYYYYYY SIDRA...... nice to know uuuuu plz tell me if u guys have twitter Directioner Forever
Mar 4th 2013
Tooba Ya you're right.ONE DIRECTION n shouldn't be COOL how's dis possible.huh? Tooba
Feb 20th 2013
Sidra AAAHH!! guys i'm a fan of one direction tooo!!! this is soo cool! Sidra
Feb 19th 2013
Tooba Wats ur favourite song of one direction??????????? :) Tooba
Feb 15th 2013
Tooba Thnx assawar! i m also a BIGG fan of one direction.can v fix dis page to stay in contact wid each other? Tooba
Feb 15th 2013
Directioner Forever Hi tuba..... really good to know u..... Directioner Forever
Jan 28th 2013
Tooba Hey guys u hav been talking about ONE DIRECTION i m also its fan :) Tooba
Jan 27th 2013
Directioner Forever Hi Sorry Mathilda... thats my brother who said that... i forgave u :) Directioner Forever
Jan 19th 2013
mathilda HEY MY CXN WROTE IT!!!!and i apologized too!!!! Mathilda
Jan 11th 2013
Daniyal Ooh!bad words mathilda Daniyal
Dec 13th 2012
Directioner Forever No problem mathilda... Directioner Forever
Nov 12th 2012
mathilda Sorry my cxn wrote it i couldnt stop him plz sorry again:( Mathilda
Nov 1st 2012
mathilda Meanie Mathilda
Nov 1st 2012
Directioner Forever Yeah mathilda I've read it and i love it.... Directioner Forever
Oct 30th 2012
mathilda Have u ever read diary of a wimpy kid asawwer??? Mathilda
Oct 29th 2012
Emaan I know what Big Time Rush fans are called! Big Time rushers! I am a rusher and I know it :D Emaan
Oct 20th 2012
Directioner Forever As a matter of fact i like everything in them... And i know that u r a big time rush fan....i dunno what u call those but still... I Dnt have any grudge against another singers but none of them.are good as one direction..... Directioner Forever
Oct 15th 2012
yamna Just i question it might be rascal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wat do u lyk in one direction??? Yamna
Oct 14th 2012
Amna Superb:-) Amna
Sep 26th 2012
Directioner Forever 87tom,8 Directioner Forever
Aug 28th 2012
Directioner Forever No prob Mishal.. still its a comment yar.. so lets talk about 1 d then.. who do u like the best ??? and yeah please give a long thorough intro of yourself if u don't mind.... can we chat here on my poem I mean it'd really be nice to get to know each other...what do u say?? I'll b waiting 4 your reply...:):) Directioner Forever
Aug 20th 2012
Mishal I'm sorry its not poem related but really its great that you're a Directioner ... I am too :) Mishal
Aug 19th 2012
Zainab It is wunderfulllllllll :) Zainab
Aug 2nd 2012
Shahamah Pessimistic approach!! :( Shahamah
Jul 16th 2012
fatimah Really,its awesome :) Fatimah
Jul 11th 2012
Disenchanted. Assawer read this"Someone cares, Someone remembers, Ur name is whispered in someonesnprayers!" I love one direction! When my friend made new twitter account she found 1D so she wrote 2 them"My friend Amira likes u alot" After an year they replied"Tell her we also like her!" Honestly the like all their fans!If i meet them i'll take their autograph 4 u! BTW thanks 4 saying awesome!=)!I love their songs(More than this,Moments.what makes u beautiful and foreverr young! Disenchanted.
Jul 9th 2012
Maryam H3y n!ce p0em :) Maryam
Jul 9th 2012
Directioner Forever Hey Amira...... thanks for intro... U like one direction??????? I m a die heart fan of them? It's so awesome that u r shifting to U.S.A... Always remember me in your prayers...... Directioner Forever
Jul 9th 2012
 wareesha Nyc.. Wareesha
Jul 8th 2012
Disenchanted. If u want more info dear friend Assawer u can see my screan and read about me!And I already have u in my friends! Disenchanted.
Jul 8th 2012
Disenchanted. Alright Assawer I am Amira.I live in Abu Dhabi but I am shifting 2 U.S.A.I atudy in Sherwood Academy.I am a muslim girl.I like one direction and Justin Bieber! Disenchanted.
Jul 8th 2012
Directioner Forever No Miss/Mr fire_cracker_.. I am always there for Vshine .... but please just solve my little confusion whether u r a male or female..... because u seem like an awesome person to me so why don't u just give a little intro of yourself so I can know u better....... Directioner Forever
Jul 7th 2012
Disenchanted. Assalam Alyikum Assawer u r back!!!! Nice Poem! Disenchanted.
Jul 6th 2012
Disenchanted. Cool....... Disenchanted.
Jul 6th 2012
Directioner Forever Thanks a lot guys....... keep commenting & making my poetry better...... THANKS Directioner Forever
Jul 5th 2012
abeer Hmmm...nice poem!... Abeer
Jul 4th 2012
Raniah NICE .. AWESOME Raniah
Jun 30th 2012

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