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Fasih Zulfiqar
Fasih Zulfiqar
The Educators
Our Visit To Islamabad
Published On Nov 24th 2010
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I live in Karachi with my family: mother, father and a sister. I study in grade sixth at The Educators, Karachi, Pakistan. My father is an assistant professor in the University of Karachi. On 27th September my father informed us that we would visit to Islamabad because he had to present a paper in the conference at Quaid-e-Azam University. We became so happy and excited that we start planning our tour to Islamabad. We planned that we would reach Islamabad by plane. My father went first to Islamabad to present his paper.  The conference was ended in three days. My mother borrowed two hand carry bags from her father and bought three more to pack up. We booked our seats of plane by internet. I and my sister decided that I would occupy the seat by the window because it was my first time to go to outside city by plane. And when we would be returning from Islamabad, my sister would take a seat nearby window.  I and my sister could not sleep the night before our departure to Islamabad. The whole night we were conceiving about our journey to Islamabad. As we did not fall asleep my mother had no difficulty to wake us up. The plane took off at 3:00 pm and I was enjoying it by looking outside through window. Just after thirty minutes our plane reached at the height of 30,000 feet and outside temperature was about -34c. It was absolutely new to me. At one time clouds were under the plane. In front of my seat there was a computer. When I turned it on I find click-to-play games. The crew member served light refreshment: small hotdog, a cup of ice-cream, tea and cold drink. I finished my lunch as quickly as I could. After about one hour and fifty minutes our plane landed at Quaid-e-Azam airport. I was so surprised to know that we had to collect our luggage that was coming out on a roller like machine. My father was waiting to receive us.

He took a taxi and told him to take us to Pukhtoonkhawa guest house then we all sat in the car and the driver take us to the guest house which my father told him to. The room of our guest house was so decorated and peaceful. I liked that guest house. There were four molty foam beds. We went to a restaurant where we ate food we returned to our guest house. I noticed that in Islamabad the most of the citizens slept before 11:00pm. I and my family slept at 12:00 am. There was a fat man who was at service his voice was like girls he brought our breakfast. My father called a driver to take us to famous places of Islamabad. After ten minutes of our call the driver came and we sat on his car. He told us that he will drive the car to the nearest places of Islamabad and he also told us that the nearest place from your guest house is Shaker Praia. I enjoy the diving. The driver takes us to Shaker Praia in fifteen minutes. It was a beautiful place and there was also a canal. There was boating also in which we sat and the man runs the boat I was afraid of the boating. After ten minutes the boat reached the bank of the water and we all get off the boat. Then we walk all over the Shaker Praia and photos of beautiful things. At 3:30 pm we went to our driver and told him to take us to a place where we can eat food. Then the driver us to a place where we can eat food. At 5:00 pm we all ate our food. Then we saw that near the food market there were many shops some were of DVDs, stationery books and some were of toys. We bought many things from these shops.  We returned to our guest house. We went to a hotel where we ate food. At 10:30 pm we returned to our guest house and at 11:00 pm we all slept. We all woke up at 9:00 am and we ate our breakfast. At 12:00 pm the driver came and takes us to a large and beautiful mosque called Faisal Mosque. Where we all pray for Allah and walked all over the mosque. We returned to our driver and we told the driver to take us to a food place. After few minutes of drive the driver take us to a food place then we all ate our food there. When we all ate our food we also give food to driver to eat. Then we told our driver to take us to a park. After some minutes the driver take us to a large park called Fatima Jinnah Park. We all played there and there were some slides and there was also a fitness area. We decided to go back to our guest house so we returned to our driver and told him to drive the car to our guest house, and then at 7:00 pm we reach our guest house and rested there. Then we hungrily walked to a restaurant where we ate food. At we returned to our guest house and at 11:30 pm we all slept. Then we all woke up at 7:00 am and we decided to stay in HEC guest house so we called the driver who talked us to HEC where we have to stay. At 9:00 am we took our breakfast. We all were very happy because on the next day at 10:00 am we will fly to Karachi. Then we called the driver. The driver came in few minutes and my father told the driver to take us to a place where we can ate food. The driver took us to a restaurant where we ate our food. Then we returned to our driver and then he said that only one famous place is left called damn -e-koh then my father said to take us to that place after one hour of drive the car reached damn-e-koh there we all have fun. It was a large and beautiful place for travelers. At 7:00    pm we said the driver to take us to our guest house so after one hour we reached our guest house and packed our hand carry bags and slept. We woke up at 7:00 am and called the driver. When the driver came we told the driver to take us to QUAID-E-AZAM Airport. When we reached the airport I was so excited that I could not wait for the flight. I past my time in waiting room by reading Pokémon story books. In some minutes the announcer called our flight then I ran to the plane. I sat next to my father on the plane and belted the seat in very few minutes the plane started. All the things were like the previous flight only one thing was different that we ate a sandwich in the place of hotdog. At 11:30 the plane landed and my father took a driver and returned to our daily life.                        

 The Educators

class 6


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Fasih Zulfiqar
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Comments 7
Tooba Nice story Tooba
May 22nd 2014
Anam What about peer sohawa and m onal resturant and hotel? Anam
Dec 11th 2013
Amna Nice but here are few mistakes Amna
Sep 24th 2013
Haadiyah I like your story a lot, Faih! Haadiyah
Jan 11th 2011
zulfiqar This is so great story Zulfiqar
Nov 27th 2010
asif Nice Asif
Nov 26th 2010
Fasih Dear Brother I liked it very much. Fasih
Nov 25th 2010

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