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Sara Khan
Sara Khan
Beacon Light Academy
Published On May 25th 2012
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Many years before, in a city of Afghanistan there lived four friends named Ali, Asher, Hamza and Rehan. Hamza and Rehan were brothers. One day Ali and Asher went to a restaurant for supper. When they went to that restaurant they saw near that restaurant that a boy was playing with match sticks. When Asher and Ali both saw that so they tried to stop that boy. “Hey kid, stop playing with these match sticks or the fire can break out anywhere”. “Oh just shut up! I’m playing with these match sticks since I was of 5 years old, nothing happened like you say”. Ali and Asher felt that the boy is so manner less and will not listen their warning. Near that restaurant was the house of Hamza and Rehan so they went there to have fun. There Ali and Asher told about that boy who was playing with match sticks. “Yeah we also warn him many times but he didn’t listen us a single. That boy name is Arsalan” said Rehan. He love to play with match sticks” added Hamza. After that for fun Hamza gave the idea to draw a best drawing they ever know in 5 minutes and the best drawing of the all will get a gift. In that competition Hamza won and took the gift. When the competition was over and Rehan and Hamza’s mother was preparing the dinner that they heard somebody shouting “FIRE! FIRE!” All four boys went outside for seeing what the matter was. There they saw that Arsalan’s house was burning badly and the people of the restaurant were throwing buckets of water to that house. The four boys also decided to throw buckets of water to make the fire cool down so they also carried buckets full of water and threw to Arsalan’s house. After sometime the fire cools down. Everyone was tired but happy that the fire cool down and it does not break out the restaurant. Only one boy was upset who was Arsalan. The all four boys sat near by Arsalan. “I’m very sorry that I didn’t believe you all. I’m sorry for that. If I believed you all so my home would not be destroyed. My all clothes and food are burned badly. Now my parents will beat me a lot” said Arsalan. “Don’t worry Arsalan, until your parents will come from their work you can stay at my home” answered Hamza. “And if you will promise to your parents that you will not play with match sticks anymore so they will forgive you” added Ali.” “ Ok! I promise” answered Arsalan. “So let’s go home!” exclaimed Rehan.

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Comments 5
Tooba Momina it was a nice story. u should not hurt feelings Tooba
Jul 3rd 2012
Ahmed Just fine but it has many grammatical mistakes! Ahmed
Jun 2nd 2012
Menahil Nice effort Sara! Menahil
Jun 1st 2012
Ghumaisa It is good :) Ghumaisa
Jun 1st 2012
momina Boring Momina
May 31st 2012

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