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Syed Muhammad Usman Ali
Syed Muhammad Usman Ali
Waves Grammar School
A Dark Rainy Evening
Published On May 24th 2012
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May 2012

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It was the dark evening. The sun didn't show up that day. Monsoon rainfall was on its peak. Parks and grounds seemed to be pond. Fahad and Aiman were enjoying the rainy season sitting in the balcony under the shed. Due to the heavy rainfall their tuition master was on leave so they both brother and sister had a great opportunity to enjoy that weather. After some time their parents also joined them and mother gave them cups of tea which added the amusement to a great extent.
As due to the rainfall there was no electricity so they had nothing special to do. They decided to go to the roof under umbrella. As the father allowed them, they picked up umbrella and went directly to the roof. The whole city was fully covered with dark clouds. Heavy rain also decreased the limit of sight. They were then moved to the corner of the roof to check the public park of their society, where they played with their friends. It first looked like a pond but the trees and benches indicated that it’s not a pond. As they were watching the park, suddenly Fahad shouted, "Hey! Look there, at that tree; can you see a man there?”
Aimen looked where he pointed and then said, "Yes, I can, I can. There is a man in rags, shivering due to cold. Fahad replied, " We have to help him otherwise he might die. Hurry up! Let’s inform father about him."
They both ran downstairs and stopped exactly in front of their father and told them the whole story in a breath. Father went upstairs with them and looked; no doubt there was a poor man in rags seeking help. He, without wasting time, called the Edhi Trust workers and told them the whole story and also asked them to reach there as soon as possible.
After about 5 minutes, the door was knocked by the trust workers. Father opened the door and went to the site with them in the Hiroof where the poor man was shivering badly due to coldness. They helped the poor man to dismount from the tree and took him to the home. Father gave him his towel and clothes to change his wet clothes. After that mother gave him a glass of warm milk which gave poor man some energy. He told them that he is a fruit seller; his house was at least 10 Km away from there that’s why he couldn't reach home and decided to seek refuge at the park. The trust workers gave him first aid and thanked those little angels who saved a man from the mouth of death.
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Comments 12
ayesha Hmm natural :) Ayesha
Jun 12th 2012
Noor Nice story! Noor
Jun 10th 2012
Syed Thanks Once Again to All Of You Guys !!! Syed
Jun 4th 2012
Ahmed Awesome!keep it up. Ahmed
Jun 2nd 2012
Ashna Nice story... Ashna
Jun 1st 2012
Menahil Love this story. Congratzz on winnin! Menahil
May 31st 2012
Undesirable No. 1 Congratulations usman! Undesirable No. 1
May 31st 2012
Undesirable No. 1 Story's really nice! momina, it's a pleasure to comment on a winning story before it was titled "winner" well somehow i knew that it would be the winning story! Undesirable No. 1
May 31st 2012
Syed Thanku all.. Syed
May 31st 2012
Ahmed Good message n gud story Ahmed
May 31st 2012
momina Good and faiza what matters to comment first or last? Momina
May 31st 2012
Undesirable No. 1 Yes!! I'm the first to comment!! :p Undesirable No. 1
May 26th 2012

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