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Sara Khan
Sara Khan
Beacon Light Academy
Published On May 25th 2012
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Dinosaur was the most ancient animal to be discovered. The word ‘DINOSAUR’ means ‘a fearful or terrifying lizard’. It was coined by a British scientist Richard Owen in 1842.Most Dinosaurs were not smart and had the IQ of a turtle or a lizard. They had many types. Some of the qualities of different Dinosaurs can make us shock. STEGOSAURUS: Stegosaurus was a type of Dinosaur whose brain’s size was just like a walnut. It weighed about 7,000 pounds and was about 15 to 30 feet long. PTEROSAUR: Pterosaur was also a kind of Dinosaur which can fly. They had wingspans of more than 25 feet. They were the largest flying creatures known to have existed. Three different Dinosaurs hold the record for being the most ancient Dinosaurs. They lived about 228 million years ago. They were small, measuring no more 5 feet in length. They all had two legs. They were Eoraptor, a dog-sized meat eater; Saturnalia, aplant eater; and Pisanosaurus, also a plant eater. The smallest Dinosaur was a small predator named Compsognathus that weighed about 6 pounds. It was the same size as a modern day chicken. Compsognathus means ‘pretty jaw’. In modern times Dinosaurs have not been found. According to scientists, it is not likely that any Dinosaurs will ever be found alive and thriving in some far-off part of the globe. Meat eating Dinosaurs lost there teeth and replaced them like nowadays Sharks do. No Dinosaur lived entirely in water. There were no known plant eating Dinosaurs that were like today’s dugongs or manatees. Even fish eating Dinosaurs did not stay too long in the water because of the presence of crocodiles that were 50 feet long. Plant eating sauropods may have taken on occasional dip to cool off if there weren’t any enemies in the water. Dinosaurs are the most amazing creature discovered.

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Emaan OHHHHH NIXE :) Emaan
Jul 12th 2012
Urooj Informative piece ..... Urooj
May 26th 2012

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