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Aqsa Hussain
Aqsa Hussain
Aes School For Girls
What Are An Idiot And Stupid?
Published On May 25th 2012
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There was a boy who asked many questions. One day his elder sister broke a flower vase and her mother scolded her
Mother: You idiot see what you have done. Stupid girl
Boy: Mother, what are an idiot and stupid?
His mother thought that he should not learn abusive language and said:
"Idiot means healthy and stupid means unhealthy"
The next day they went to visit their grandmother who was sick. The boy looked at his grand mother and said:
"Grand mother first you were idiot now you are stupid"

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Comments 29
Noor Areeba i want to ask u a question . u r in lgs .u r in grade 6 .my cousin aqsa waqar is in ur class.if yes so answer me soon as possible.even i can remember i studied in L.G.S Noor
Jul 27th 2013
Takreem V.v.v.good Takreem
Jul 4th 2013
Areeba Hahahaha niceeeeee Areeba
Jun 9th 2013
haiqa Osum joke.... Haiqa
May 29th 2013
Laibah Ahahahahhahahahahahaha Laibah
Apr 30th 2013
fatimah Ala joke!!! Fatimah
Jan 25th 2013
Amna Hahahahahahahaha.............. Amna
Jan 20th 2013
Tooba I reaaly dont know who u r bt as far as commenting is conserned i realli enjoyed dis joke . fitt hai! ! i hav ritten a poem please commment :) Tooba
Jan 2nd 2013
Directioner Forever Hi.. AQSA.. I might not know you but guess what AM A DIRECTIONER....., BELONG TO 1D FAMILY.. <3 P.S. good work Directioner Forever
Dec 12th 2012
dfg Nice well done.........and do comment on my drawings.. Dfg
Nov 22nd 2012
Zainab Awesome joke and d.p !!!! love it .... Zainab
Nov 10th 2012
mathilda Aala hai!!! Mathilda
Nov 9th 2012
alveena I have just heard it today from my friend Alveena
Aug 20th 2012
Naaemah Man this sure is funny Naaemah
Aug 10th 2012
Disenchanted. Hahehohahehohaeho=)lolxxx Disenchanted.
Jul 23rd 2012
Urooj Loollxxx:D: Urooj
Jul 15th 2012
Raniah Very nice Raniah
Jul 1st 2012
Hiba Really nyc Hiba
Jun 21st 2012
hafsa Nyyyyyyyc Hafsa
Jun 16th 2012
Shahamah Old but funny Shahamah
Jun 15th 2012
Asavera VEry fuNny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha!ha!ha1 Asavera
Jun 13th 2012
Emaan Lolxxxxxx :* ^ ^ I loove it!! Emaan
Jun 12th 2012
momina You have cheated this joke from somewhere! Momina
Jun 11th 2012
Tehzeem Hi! Gr8 bht khoob:D Tehzeem
Jun 1st 2012
Zuhaa Funny but my mother told me this joke when I was small Zuhaa
May 30th 2012
bushra Awesome!! LOL!!! Bushra
May 30th 2012
Aisha Really funny...!!! Aisha
May 28th 2012
Laiba Hahahahhahahahhah.......... Laiba
May 28th 2012
Saba Lolzzzzzzzz Saba
May 27th 2012

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