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Sara Khan
Sara Khan
Beacon Light Academy
Can Pakistan Be Changed
Published On May 25th 2012
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Pakistan is nowadays is no more a good country because of some problems. Those problems are the following:
1: In Pakistan imports are more than exports.
2: Corruption is there in a large quantity.
3: Laws are not followed properly.
4: Electricity problems.
Some people say that Pakistan cannot be change but I say that it can be changed and how.
1: Exports And Imports: As the imports are more than the exports in Pakistan so it is in a trouble but this trouble can be prevented. If we see the natural resources of Pakistan so there is coal in a large amount and if we export that coal the amount of export in Pakistan can be increase even it is in poor quality.
2: Corruption And Misuse of Laws: There is a lot of corruption in Pakistan so to prevent this government should take action and alert the police to catch those people who do corruption and do misuse of law. There should also new laws be made for hanging the corrupted people.
3: Electricity Problems: In Pakistan there is always load shedding and people suffer with a great difficulty. This is because there is not much amount of electricity in Pakistan so to increase the amount of electricity we should use the rubbish. From the rubbish Pakistan can produce electricity and for this purpose government should take action.
For every problem there is a solution but the government of Pakistan is not thinking about it. I hope my article would make the Pakistanis think for Pakistan for sometime.
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Comments 13
Jul 15th 2012
Ali Very nice urooj plz can u add me Ali
Jul 2nd 2012
Raniah Well infact its right . I may inshallah give my life for pakistan to make a better pakistan . Our country will inshallah lasted 4 ever .. Raniah
Jun 30th 2012
Jun 11th 2012
Wajeeha Amazing! =) Wajeeha
Jun 1st 2012
Sehar Nice ! Sehar
May 30th 2012
Ashna Ur article is great but i disagree with you on one thing......corrupt people should not be hanged because no one other than God has the right to take away a person's life. However I do believe in: a life for a life. But....GREAT ARTICLE! I hope these problems are solved fast:) Ashna
May 29th 2012
Sara As I am a Pakistani so I am trying to awake Pakistanis and think something for it. Sara
May 28th 2012
Salwa Very good work really..!! yah I agree that these days PAKISTAN is down and one is their for help...everyone just want something from it... I know that some countries are working for it but the corruption is all along... please PAKISTANIS be awake now as it's the time to do something for our beloved country....!! Salwa
May 28th 2012
mahnoor Sara ur artical is amazing<3 Mahnoor
May 28th 2012
Sara Yeah sure Khadija....Why not. Sara
May 27th 2012
l Sara!WHY WHY WHY u didnt wrote the stories a week age.coz i was having a project and the topic was"'what are the major problems of pakistan and how can they be solved''.............and i think so i should write this one........ L
May 26th 2012
Urooj Very patriotic it Urooj
May 26th 2012

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