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Menahil Idrees
Menahil Idrees
The 12 Months
Published On May 20th 2012
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May 2012

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Once upon a time, in a faraway country there lived a peasant woman. She was so old and poor that she couldn't even afford to buy what she wanted to. But despite being poor she was kind hearted. Her husband has passed away a long time back and she lived with her five children. On the other hand, was her neighbour. She was also poor but extremely mean. She had five children too and her husband had also passed away. But she was totally different from the kind hearted lady.
One day, the kind hearted lady was passing a path when she suddenly saw a small burrow. She peeped into it and saw twelve small men (dwarves). The dwarves stepped out and she was surprised to see them. The dwarves asked her that "Which month do you consider as best?" The old lady kindly replied, "Well, I like all the months. January and February bring me snowfall and my children love to make snowmen. In addition it waters my garden so all the lovely flowers can grow in spring". Two dwarves gleamed with excitement. The old lady continued, "And I love March, April and May as they bring spring and summer, the lovely flowers, butterflies, trees, I love it". Three other dwarves became happy. "And I love June, July, August and September. The warm sunshine, the pretty wildlife. Oh, just so beautiful." Four dwarves steeped aside happily. "October and November are so pretty with red, golden, orange and yellow leaves. I love it so much". Two dwarves were glad. "And December, well, it ends the year with Christmas, A lovely day". The last dwarf smiled.
The dwarves rewarded her with a basket filled with gold eggs. The old lady took them happily. While, she was telling her lovely story to her children, her neighbour overheard the conversation. But unfortunately, she only heard that she got the eggs, from the burrow from the dwarves, but not how?
The greedy lady rushed to the burrow in search of the dwarves. The dwarves stepped out and asked, "Which month do you think as best?" "Well, none, January and February are so cold and I have to clean the road daily. March and April are so not good. May, June, July and August are so hot. September is a nuisance. October, November and December are also not good. The dwarves groaned angrily but they still gave her a basket and advised her to open it on returning home.
When she got home she saw that the basket was filled with stones. She was disappointed. On one of the stones was written, "LOVE ALL MONTHS. GOD HAS CREATED THEM".
Do you know why????? Because the name of the twelve dwarves was January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December respectively!!!!!
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Comments 25
KHAN What is the meaning of peasant anyways good story and congratulations for being the winner! Khan
Feb 11th 2014
Anam Great story Anam
Nov 1st 2013
Areeba OMG! I am inspired by ur work! Keep it up! U certainly deserved to be the winner! Areeba
Aug 1st 2013
arifa So menahil even if you heard it in a 'class discussion' why the hell did you post it here? still YOU did NOT make it up. cum on! Arifa
Jul 19th 2012
Aleena Reaallllyyyyyy a ver niceee story Aleena
Jun 29th 2012
Maryam Awesome yawr... <3 Maryam
Jun 28th 2012
Menahil Thanxx Wajeeha, i am just so sad that some people don't know how to comment nicely on other peoples stories. Well, I am sendin a new story just now. I really hope tht u like it. and Ahmed, this time, the story is my own creation, not what you call it"Plagiarism". Menahil
Jun 19th 2012
Wajeeha Congratulations for winning the vshine award twice in a month.I am really proud of u.keep working with the same zeal! Wajeeha
Jun 9th 2012
princess Congratulations on winning 2 awards in a month Princess
Jun 5th 2012
Menahil Ahmed i hv never read the book "das des ki kahaniyaan". I heard this story in a class discussion so it does not mean that u can accuse me of something i am not. U know what when i won i thought that finally i had got one of my biggest wishes granted. Thanxx 4 makin all my happiness just fade away in just a few words. U like it now, don't u? Menahil
Jun 5th 2012
Ahmed Actually this story is copied from 'des des ki kahanian'!!! it is an act of plagiarism.yeah menahil Ahmed
Jun 3rd 2012
Menahil Thanxx syed n congratz 2 u 2. U also won 2 awards this month. Bushra i hv already givin u a hi 5 sissy. Thanx 4 the comment Ghumaisa. Menahil
Jun 2nd 2012
Syed Congratulations on winning 2 awards in a month, this one and on quiz as well.....! Syed
Jun 1st 2012
Bushra Congratzz sis i am really really happy tht u won. Gim me a hi 5 Bushra
Jun 1st 2012
Ghumaisa i really loved your story! it is amazing Ghumaisa
Jun 1st 2012
Menahil Oh really Ali, B.T.W thanxx 4 tellin me. Actually I heard this story while havin a class discussion. I modernized it in my own words while practicin my handwritten skills and so I posted it on Vshine!! Menahil
Jun 1st 2012
Menahil Yeah!!!! I won, I just can't believe it but I guess i hv 2 believe. Woohoo!!! Thanx alot Vshine and once again thank u all 4 ur wunnerful comments. Love u all!!! Yoo hoo!!!!! Menahil
May 31st 2012
Ali This story is from the book 'Das des ki kahanian' Anyway nice story. Ali
May 31st 2012
momina I love your creations Momina
May 31st 2012
Menahil Thank you so much 4 ur amazing comments! Menahil
May 30th 2012
Bushra Vow! Good job done. Bushra
May 28th 2012
Muhammad Excellent story with good lesson. Muhammad
May 28th 2012
Wajeeha Welcome mehahil.School is going perfectly fine. Wajeeha
May 28th 2012
Menahil Thanxxxx Wajeeha!!! Malaika is absolutely positively fine, v miss u 2. Howzz scool goin??? Menahil
May 27th 2012
Wajeeha I loved ur story alot.Its really is maliaka?missing u both alot.keep up the gud work! Wajeeha
May 26th 2012

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