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Sehar Shahzad
Sehar Shahzad
Divisional Public School Model Town Lahore
Nail Art Fashion
Published On May 25th 2012
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Nail art is a fun way to brighten your everyday look. The key to any nail art is started with clean and well shaped nails. Nails should be trimmed before painting. Once your nails are neat you can design them as you which using a thin tripped nail brush you can just create a poll of dots or simple lines and even do scribing. You can add sparkle to your designs. Using nail art sticker jewellery is also another way of nail art. Most of us can't do nail art because of school. But no need to worry summer vacations are about here and you can do nail art to your heart.
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Comments 35
Soha Hmm:) Soha
May 11th 2013
Sehar Thank you so much sweety :) Sehar
Oct 23rd 2012
Sehar A wOw article :) Sehar
Oct 23rd 2012
Sehar Nice tip ...thanQ Sehar
Aug 9th 2012
Emaan Wow, nice colour! Oh try cool colours if your skin is fair, or try warm colours if your skin is warm. Like soft pink'll look fab if your fair, and black or dark blue will look Fantabulous if you're dark :) Emaan
Aug 6th 2012
Emaan Yups, you started all them beauty articles! Emaan
Aug 6th 2012
Sehar Wlcome Sehar
Jul 28th 2012
eisha Lol..........thanks :) Eisha
Jul 27th 2012
Sehar Its really coOl ! Sehar
Jul 25th 2012
eisha Yay!!!!!! it has just been published! go and check it out :) Eisha
Jul 24th 2012
eisha Lol thanks but it hasn't posted yet :( i'm sorry, you guys Eisha
Jul 23rd 2012
Sehar Best of lUck ! Sehar
Jul 22nd 2012
Sehar Best of lUck ! :) Sehar
Jul 21st 2012
eisha Awwwwwww i hope that doesnt happen to me :( Eisha
Jul 20th 2012
Sehar Thanks ......eisha , but it hasn't posted yet ! It has happened to me many times ,.....I write the article with all my brain but at the end ......they have not posted it ! ......... Sehar
Jul 20th 2012
eisha Lol sorry i meant pretty :D Eisha
Jul 19th 2012
eisha Hey guys! i posted my article (it was alot of typing , tired me out). i did it for you guys, hope vshine posts it quickly. make sure to check my nail art article out as soon as its out!!!!!!!!!!!! Eisha
Jul 19th 2012
eisha Thank you preety and sehar......i'll be sure to do the article. hope you guys like it :) Eisha
Jul 19th 2012
Sehar Yeah ......,i want some tips too :0 Sehar
Jul 18th 2012
samayya Oh pleaze ! eisha ....give me some tips n tricks ...... Samayya
Jul 17th 2012
eisha If any of you guys are interested i can do an even better (no offense sehar) article on nail art with tips and ways to do it. trust me, i'm an expert. just make a request by commenting and i'll write the article :) anyways, nice job sehar. plus i wanted to ask you if you're on fb so i can add you in my account there. give me you email if you do :) Eisha
Jul 16th 2012
Sehar Yeah sure eisha ...ur poems n other things are so interesting .....and emaan my recent nail colour is pinky purple Sehar
Jul 14th 2012
Emaan fINALLY! a GIRLY ARTICLE!!! I love nail art! My recent nail color is pink sparkly :) Boys don't understand any of this! Emaan
Jul 12th 2012
eisha Hey guys i cant believe im meeting so many people from school here. im from DPS Lahore (MT branch) im in 7th F. comment below or on any of my stuff if you're from there too :) Eisha
Jul 11th 2012
Sehar Aww !! ...thanQ sidra <3 Sehar
Jul 5th 2012
Sidra I love nail art and this article :P Sidra
Jul 2nd 2012
samayya Yes I am in 7 a Samayya
Jun 8th 2012
Sehar Yeah ! are you in 7th a Sehar
Jun 8th 2012
samayya Hey i think i know you ...are you in 7th-G ? Samayya
Jun 7th 2012
Sehar Yeah ....but I dont have craze for it as sme girlz have :) Sehar
Jun 7th 2012
samayya Looks like u love fashion <3 nice article Samayya
Jun 7th 2012
Sehar Thankx Wajeeha :) Sehar
Jun 2nd 2012
Wajeeha Nice =) Wajeeha
Jun 1st 2012
Sehar ThanQ !!! Sehar
May 30th 2012
mahnoor Sehar ur artical is sooooo nice <3 Mahnoor
May 29th 2012

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