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Abdur Rafay Khan
Abdur Rafay Khan
Beaconhouse School System Pechs Campus,karachi
A Modest Global Warming Proposal
Published On May 25th 2012
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In the past few years, the world was astonished by the rising levels of the Global Warming. is very necessary for our survival from hunger.
First, the zoologists should not worry about penguins. These birds have no point living on Earth-fat animals with wings but not able to fly. The melting of ice poles is a good idea! The sea levels will rise and some people can commit suicide if they don't want to live. We can eliminate the polar bears in that way-aggressive animals meant to kill people if provoked. By eliminating the polar bears, we are exterminating a dangerous animal from the face of the earth. The Carbon dioxide is also great! The plants will take in more Carbon dioxide and release more oxygen for us. Liquid waste pours down into the river. Nice. A cocktail of liquid-orange-juicy waste will be nourishing for the marine life. People, especially British, will have a great time, tanning their skins. Those who don't want to live can just sit under the sun to have sunbathed. Later they can die off skin cancer.
With global warming the next ice age maybe prevented. There would be no winters, so people wouldn't wear anymore thick, long coats and sweaters with 2 thermals inside. And that irritating cold wind will also not blow that make your hair freeze and messed up just because you forgot to wear your cap in the morning when the van came to pick you up for school. The freezing Arctic, Antarctic, Siberia and other colder regions of the earth may experience more plant growth and milder climates. There would also be less energy consumption required to warm cold places.
So we are running out of oil, are we? So who's using it? Our cars! But it's not a big deal. We still have coal which is in large quantity. Remember, we have to be eco friendly and isn't it literally exquisite?
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Comments 7
Aisha It's sort of funny and fun to read....I like it.... Aisha
Jul 14th 2012
Abdur Rafay Thanx all of u Abdur Rafay
Jul 10th 2012
Azka Haha...okay =P no seriously i enjoyed a lot... good job =D Azka
Jul 9th 2012
Sidra This sarcastic article was awesome! Sidra
Jul 2nd 2012
Abdur Rafay Uh azka........this is called sarcasm.....don't take it seriously........iam also against global warming....who would love global was topic I did in teacher told us 2 write a sarcastic prose so I wrote it and published it on Vshine..........hope u liked it Abdur Rafay
Jun 27th 2012
Azka Omg! im completely against this! we hv to take care of our planet. penguins r not useless birds!! and polar bears too...the jackets and sweaters you wear, use their fur n keep you warm in chilly weather. because of global warming, many species of animals will come to an leopards, elephants, leatherback turtles, fish, and so many birds would die just because of unwanted climate change...!! Did you ever think of it?? ur mentioning that carbon dioxide is good, and plants need it to produce oxygen for dear bro, just look around, don't you think we ourselves are cutting trees! there r not much trees on Earth now...and it takes millions of years to grow forests! another thing is...crude oil, gas, and coal...all are non renewable resources...the coal that yew think is in abundance will also finish one day...what will we do then? and global warming, in poor countries like Pakistan, India n Ghana....means MORE LOADSHEDDING! more floods...more people dying... :( we have to stop global warming, brother, it is a big threat to our Earth :) thats all i wanted to say....and btw i enjoyed reading your article, seriously...^_^ Azka
Jun 26th 2012
Urooj I dun kn0w whether t0 laugh or n0t...but really nyc perspective of global warming i havent think of yet...:P Urooj
May 26th 2012

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