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Sara Khan
Sara Khan
Beacon Light Academy
Honesty Is The Best Policy
Published On May 25th 2012
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Many years before in Dubai there lived a man named Asher. He was an honest and wise person but he had a bad friend named Jabbar. He was very cruel and evil person. He was jealous from the neighbour of Asher’s house. One day he planned to rob that house and told that to Asher. “Asher, your neighbour is very much wealthy so let’s rob that house. “No Jabbar it is not good to rob someone’s house. What you will say to Allah at the day of judgement?” “Oh Asher, Allah is merciful, he would forgive us.” “No Jabbar, Allah is merciful but on only those who did any crime mistakenly”, said Asher. After that they had a quarrel and Jabbar left Asher’s home. Next morning when Asher woke up he saw that there was a robbery at his neighbour’s house. The police felt that maybe the robber can be Asher as he was the neighbour of that house who was robbed so they caught him. Asher request them a lot to leave him as he was not a robber but they didn’t. The next day the case went into the court and the trial begins. In the court Jabbar was also present and was listening the whole matter. As Asher was an honest person so he said the truth in the trial and said that he was not a robber but a friend of him named Jabber talked him about the robbery. “No My Lord’, cried Jabbar. “He talked me about the robbery and also told me that his neighbour is very much wealthy, I don’t even know that Asher’s neighbour was a rich man but Asher knew as he was the neighbour”. At last the judge decided to make Asher in prison for three years. “You will get your reward of your sin Jabbar from Allah’, said Asher to Jabbar while leaving the court. Time passed and after three years Asher came back from the prison. After coming back from prison he thought to visit his enemy Jabbar. When he came to the house of Jabbar he was shocked to see that Jabbar had a cancer and was calling him. He said, “Asher please forgive me for my sin. I am feeling guilty and from my sin I got this cancer. Allah gives me reward of my sin as you said, please forgive me! Please! Please!” By hearing that Asher showed mercy on Jabbar and forgive him. He said, “I forgive you as you have accepted your crime and had feel guilty for that”. While Asher was replying to Jabbar he died.                                                    
MORAL: We should be always honest in our life as “HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY”.
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Comments 17
Minahil Why did asher say MY LORD to a human even when he believes in the day of judgement?by the way nice try Minahil
Aug 19th 2013
areeqa Hey sara ! hope all is well? n this story is just fabulous! and no prob if there r gramatical problems no prob ! just chill! ;) n im also in class 6 wats ur age?? Areeqa
Apr 7th 2013
Sara I am in grade 6 and my section is g Sara
Mar 20th 2013
Syeda Laiba Sara in which class and section u are Syeda Laiba
Feb 17th 2013
Sara I know that there are many gramitical mistakes so please dear viewers I'm sorry...... Sara
Oct 5th 2012
mahnoor Sara this is my new account yar my old account was hacked sooooooooo ples add me ok i am mahnoor who wrote a venice a city of water Mahnoor
Sep 9th 2012
Naaemah That will teach us a really good lesson and no 1 knows wot will happen when we will be standing in front of Allah Naaemah
Aug 10th 2012
Tooba Good Tooba
Jul 3rd 2012
Aliza I've writtn my story wd same name... Aliza
Jun 20th 2012
Farhan Nyc!!!! Farhan
Jun 15th 2012
mahnoor Sara are u online Mahnoor
Jun 4th 2012
laiba Story is nice but ur pic is not. Laiba
Jun 3rd 2012
Ahmed A very good story Sara. but there are a lot of grammatical errors in it! your pic is great 2. Ahmed
Jun 2nd 2012
Menahil Nyc story sara. No offense but for a sin u dont get a reward u get a punishment. Plz check tht in ur story. I loved ur story by the way. Menahil
Jun 1st 2012
mahnoor Sara ur pic is soooo nice.She is singer Avril lavgine isnt? Mahnoor
May 29th 2012
mahnoor Sara nice story <3 sara can u tell me whats ur e.mail address Mahnoor
May 29th 2012
momina Good moral Momina
May 29th 2012

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