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Noor Fatima
Noor Fatima
The City School
Holly, A Brilliant Girl
Published On May 25th 2012
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Once there was a girl name Holly she was a brilliant girl but her parents taught that she was nothing was a mistake but she was a very intelligent and love to ready books, her parents and her brother didn't like books they only watch TV. Her father was a crook and he sold stolen car parts to people. Her mother was very busy in her make-up and had no interest in her child, his brother was a big mean he always teases Holly. When she was 6 and a half her parents put her to a school near the village named "Crunchem Hall Elemantry School". The principle was a terror to the children she does so terrifying things, she lift a girl with her pigtails and threw her out of the school. When Holly was in her class she discovered that she has powers to move things in air. She thought that she will teach the principle a lesson. So she went to her house and terrified her and she left the town and the school. So Holly's parents decided to go to Spain for a permanent vacation she said that she wants to stay with her teacher miss honey her parents said that go and leave us live with you teacher. They went rushing to the airport and miss honey and Holly lived happily ever after.
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Comments 13
Naaemah Noor nice thing that u wanted to write a story but if u want to be a writer u must think of your own and also read books and ask your parents if u don't understand anything but still keep up the good work! Naaemah
Aug 10th 2012
Tooba CHEATING!! Tooba
Jul 3rd 2012
Wafa It's matilda but thanks for writing so that the one's who do not know about this story can read it hear. good try but please try to avoid mistakes and practice to learn spellings as "PACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT" Wafa
Jun 21st 2012
Disenchanted. It is not HOLLY it is MATILDA,anyways nyc try! Disenchanted.
Jun 16th 2012
Farhan Its copied 4rm Matilda Farhan
Jun 15th 2012
laiba Nice story. Laiba
Jun 3rd 2012
Ahmed This is an act if plagiarism, Noor. You have definitely copied this story from Matilda.Your spellings and grammar is very weak too. But anyways, nice try. Ahmed
Jun 2nd 2012
Menahil Noor Fatima ur story may be a copy from the book matilda and i agree it is and ur grammar may be very weak but ur story iz not done without talent. U hv a talent to succeed. Very well done by the way!! Agree every body?? Menahil
Jun 1st 2012
Ali Yes this is from Matilda and I have read the whole book too. Your story is just like a plot of Matilda with a different name. Ali
May 31st 2012
momina This is not your creation it is roald dahl s creation and i know that you have copied it from matilda but you have copied it wrong Momina
May 29th 2012
stella Very nice story Stella
May 26th 2012
Wajeeha This is frm matilda and u hav lots of grammatic mistakes anywayz nyc try! Wajeeha
May 26th 2012
Omama This is copied from matilda because this is ur school's course book and ur grammer is very weak Omama
May 26th 2012

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