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Ashna Ahmed
Ashna Ahmed
Force 911 (part 3)
Published On May 25th 2012
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Alyss looked at the men in fear. That’s it, she thought, I’m done for now. Ready to give up and surrender, as the men came closer, a sudden spark of determination ignited within her. She remembered her parent’s death. She couldn’t let them down now. Not after they had died in order to protect her. She watched the men coming towards her. They came slowly, as if they knew she wouldn’t jump out of the window. It was just too crazy of an idea. But then Alyss wasn’t the picture of someone sensible. Calculating her jump, Alyss suddenly threw her backpack, climbed the window sill and jumped. As she fell, she could hear the shouts of surprise and anger. For a second she felt a slight glow of satisfaction. Then she remembered her jump. Looking down she saw the pavement alarmingly close. She bent her knees, readying herself for the jarring impact that would come next. SMACK! She landed awkwardly on her legs. They felt like rotten planks, ready to fall off. Alyss winced. The pain was throbbing. Trying to flex her leg muscles, Alyss attempted a step or two.
“Just you wait, you little –”
The men. Alyss had completely forgotten about them in her pain. She grabbed her backpack from the floor and made a run for it. She gasped out loud at the sudden pain shooting up her legs. As she ran on, she knew she couldn’t continue running at this pace with the pain. But the men were close behind her. She could hear them panting as they ran. The little spark of determination within her ignited a bit more. Stubbornness made her legs go faster and faster. Alyss kept on running. She didn’t know where she would go. She could hear the men swearing behind her as they tired. Alyss grinned, maybe she could outrun them. All those years of tiresome cross country had finally come in use. She made short cuts into alley ways that she knew so well. After 10 minutes Alyss couldn’t hear the men. She slowed down glancing over her shoulder. They weren’t there. Coming to a stop, Alyss tried to control her harsh breathing. When her head was a clearer she wondered what she should do next. Mr Donnelly and Mr Barry had said that they would pick her up from her house. Surely they would realise what had happened when they saw her dead parents. She suddenly felt a pang of grief. They were dead. Her throat constricted and her vision blurred. Angrily she dashed the tears away with the back of her hand. Crying wasn’t going to help her. Right now she was lost. Alyss decided that she would wait near her house. She still couldn’t face returning to her house. Her life had shattered in the past few hours.
An hour later Alyss hid in near her house waiting for the two agents to return. She was confident that her two enemies wouldn’t return. They would probably think that she ran far away. Well, I’m not THAT stupid, she thought, to run away so far away that I would get lost. Alyss starting getting cramps from sitting in her position for too long. She didn’t want to move in fear of attracting unwanted attention. However her long wait soon paid off. A black sedan pulled up on the opposite side of the road and two men dressed in black suits stepped out. Alyss’s heart gave a little jump as she recognized them as Mr Donnelly and Mr Barry. She casually stepped out of her hiding place, brushed the dirt off her clothes and walked towards them. She noticed the surprise register on their faces as they saw her.
“What the –” started Mr Barry. Mr Donnelly however, spoke calmly.
“I thought that we were supposed to pick you up from your house. Not in the middle of the street” he said. As quickly as possible Alyss described what she had been through. Both men nodded as she finished her story.
“We thought they might try to interfere” said Mr Donnelly gravely.
“Then why didn’t you do anything or at least warn my parents and I when you came?” cried Alyss.
“Because we weren’t really sure if they would interfere or not” explained Mr Barry. “If we had told you then you and your parents might have been paranoid for matters really small”.
“At least it would’ve saved them” she retorted angrily. She couldn’t believe her parent’s death had been one of carelessness. “A person’s life isn’t something you should handle so easily” she said coldly.
Both men apologized and payed their respects to her dead parents. How ironic, thought Alyss, both sets of my parents were murdered by the same agency – FORCE 911.
“Well…I guess we better check out the crime scene” said Mr Donnelly in a matter-of-fact voice.
Alyss had been dreading going back into her house.
“Ummm….do you mind if I don’t go? She asked in a small voice. Mr Barry looked surprised but Mr Donnelly understood her fear and decided that it would be up to her to decide when to face her nightmare. He nodded and said in a kind voice “Mr Barry will sit with you in the car while I go”.
Alyss nodded her thanks and walked her way to the car with Mr Barry. In the car both of them sat silently. Alyss, grieving quietly over the loss of her parents and Mr Barry uncomfortably, not knowing what to say in case he said the wrong thing.
After an hour Mr Donnelly came back with a grave expression. Without a word he turned on the car and starting driving. After 10 minutes Alyss couldn’t hold her curiosity any longer.
“How are we going to get to Darwin?” she asked. “I mean we’re not going to drive there are we? Sydney and Darwin are kilometer's apart from each other.”
“Myself and you will be travelling by air and Mr Barry will be driving the car to out headquarters” said Mr Donnelly. Alyss gaped.
“Drive all the way to Darwin?” she asked in disbelief. “That’ll take him a week or two! Why can’t he come with us?”
“Because don’t you think that a teenage girl travelling with two grown men would look suspicious?” said Mr Donnelly. “But if it’s only the two of use travelling together then everyone will assume that you’re my daughter”.
“But what about my passport? They’ll know we’re not even related by looking at our last names. Plus I don't look anything like you” Alyss added.
“Which is why we have forged you a passport” said Mr Donnelly.
“And anyways, why all this secrecy?” she asked. “Aren’t you guys supposed to be, like, the good guys? Can't you just walk straight in and tell them that you're on some kind of business?"
Mr Donnelly sighed patiently. “Because FORCE 911 might have spies and agents in the airport. So we have to take every precaution needed”.
Alyss nodded slowly understanding the logic behind his reasons. It was only sensible that they should hide their departure from FORCE 911.
At the airport Mr Barry saw them off. At the clearance point there were two men who were checking everyone’s passports. The line was long and the wait tool forever. Or so it seemed to Alyss. When it was their turn Alyss tried to shake off the feeling that something was wrong. One of the men inspected their passports for a long time. The other man turned away and started talking quietly in his walkie talkie occasionally stealing glances and Alyss and Mr Donnelly. Alyss glanced at Mr Donnelly and noticed a slight look of worry. The man checking their passports turned to his friend and whispered something. Finally the man who was talking on his walkie talkie addressed Mr Donnelly.
“Excuse me sir, may you and your daughter accompany me to the questioning room? There seems to be something wrong with the passports”.
Alyss felt her heart picking up its pace. Something was definitely wrong. As she followed the men she caught a glimpse of the men who had broken in her house. Her heart jolted violently as she realised that those men were associated with the man who was leading them. FORCE 911 was one step ahead of them.
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Comments 20
Hoora Plz add me as frnds Hoora
Sep 6th 2013
Hiba Lyk my stories...please Hiba
Apr 14th 2013
Momina Ashna i also have lived in loads of different countries but i agree with you, the best way to boost vocabulary is to read books. . . Seriously. Another thing that helped me; my Canadian 60 year old grandma. She is the principal of BeconHouse School System Abbottabad, and her name is Ma'am Lois Malik inform me if you studied in her school or know her. Momina
Dec 30th 2012
Tooba Plz be fast wer losing our patience cuz u have crossed your limits!!!!!!! Tooba
Oct 5th 2012
Ashna I'm sorry people for tkaing so long. To be honest i haven't even started writing the fourth part....i have my final exams coming up so i really need to study. I promise i'll write it by october :) once again...sooooo sorry!!! Ashna
Aug 28th 2012
Khadijah I mean you wrote this one on may and you did not write the next part till now ??????????????????????????????????????? Khadijah
Aug 11th 2012
Khadijah You write it on May and now it's Aug. WHY ????????????? Khadijah
Aug 11th 2012
Abir Honestly Ashna you've taken really long in writing the fourth part. Actually if you add all the months it adds up to a total of SIX MONTHS!!!! So plzzzzzzzzz hurrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Abir
Aug 1st 2012
Maryam A little review of the second part could make it more good well so long but nice Maryam
Jul 23rd 2012
Aliza Suspence Aliza
Jun 20th 2012
ayesha Ur story's awesome.... and i must say it was gud suspense.... sorry i was supposed to write that comment somewhere else... accidentally wrote it on urs... and i must say im becoming ur fan :P Ayesha
Jun 12th 2012
Ashna Thanx...@ayesha, what do u mean by improving my expression? Ashna
Jun 12th 2012
ayesha Nice.... expression needs improvement though...... Ayesha
Jun 11th 2012
Omama Your stories are always good.WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PUBLISH PART 4?????????????????????????????????? Omama
Jun 9th 2012
Menahil Nice Menahil
Jun 1st 2012
momina Nice Momina
May 29th 2012
Ashna, i live in a western country (Australia) so naturally my english is pretty good (not boasting or anything:). But i would suggest that you read lots of books. That's one way how I improved my vocabulary. Ashna
May 29th 2012
Syed Superbbb .. Please publish the fourth one soon .. and 1 thing more... How can my English be so brilliant like u ??? Syed
May 27th 2012
Ashna Thanx... Ashna
May 26th 2012
Wajeeha Amazing! waiting for the 4th part! =) Wajeeha
May 26th 2012

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