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Noor Naveed
Noor Naveed
The Tornado Chase…
Published On May 2nd 2012
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We all were ready. Muneeba, Jawariya, Nofal, Saboor and I. We all were ready for the Tornado chase. This race was almost endless. In this race one of us will be appointed as a Tornado and the other contestants will have to run to Canada from Pakistan. It’s seems impossible but we had to do it. Nofal was my brother. Whereas Saboor, Jawariya, and Muneeba were my cousins. We all were warming up for the race. I was sitting on the bench in stadium, trying to figure out that who will be the Tornado and who will get caught and who will win. While I was day dreaming, Jawariya came by and sat with me. “Hello? You awake?” She said, waving her hand in front of my eyes. I finally shook my head and smiled at her. “I am awake.” “Do you guys know where Nofal and Saboor are?” I heard someone say. I turned around. It was Muneeba api. One of my favourite cousins. “They’ve gone for some exercising in the nearby park” I replied. “Looks like we’ll have to start the race without them.” She muffled. “Without who?” Said saboor. They both had arrived. They were covered with sweat. “Ladies and Gentlemen! We have decided that this time no contestant will be tornado, we have a real tornado with us here today. He will trap you inside his body one by one. Goodluck. The instruction manual will be given to you”. “What!?” I thought. A real Tornado! This would be more horrible. “Cool!” Nofal said. “This is not Cool!” Jawariya exclaimed angrily. We were given the instruction manual. I read it carefully. The last instruction was different than before. It said that we had to press a button on the door of 43 building in Canada.
“Please line up for the race!” I felt a little scared. We all lined up for the race.”Good luck!” Muneeba api said. “Get ready, Get set, Gooooooo!!!” The Announcer said. I started fast. In fact, I was in front of all of them. This made me feel better. I could hear the roar of the tornado. I wanted to look back but I was too scared to do that. I could hear the scream of Jawariya. She was a scary cat since childhood. I kept running and running and running, without knowing where I was going. I didn’t bother to look behind. Then finally I stopped. I couldn’t run anymore. My feet were aching. I looked around. I was in a forest. I sat under a tree and took out my water bottle that was attached to my belt. We were only allowed to bring a water bottle. I took some rest. Suddenly, I thought I heard a sound. I stood up. Of course if I was in a forest there must be animals here. I picked up a big branch from the ground and stood in a karate position like I learnt in karate classes. I was scared but I knew I had to face it. “Who is it?” I said trembling. “Noor?” It was Muneeba api! I felt relieved. But she wasn’t happy. She looked worried. She grabbed my hand and started running. After one second, Nofal, saboor and jawariya came running after me. I could hear the roar of tornado but I guessed he was a little far. While running, we suddenly stopped. There was a river in front of us. Badly, I didn’t know how to swim. I looked around. “A boat!” I exclaimed. I pointed to a small motorboat a little metre away from us. “Let’s go!” I said. We all sat in the boat, but I couldn’t find nofal and saboor. “Hey! We’re here! You guys go we’ll swim” they both said. Therefore, we three sat on the boat and started sailing. I looked behind. The tornado had come. He was furious. He started slowly walking on the water. Maybe, he loses energy on water much faster than on land. We finally reached land. There were people all around. Then I saw a board on top, it said “France” It meant we were in France! I felt happy. I had always wished to see France. I looked back to see where the tornado was, but he was gone. I was just about to tell the others that suddenly, from nowhere the tornado stormed towards us and caught saboor, nofal and jawariya. “ahhhh!!!” I screamed. Me and Muneeba started running as fast as we could. I was ahead. But the tornado looked infuriated. He stormed towards Muneeba api and you know exactly what would have happened next. She was also caught. Now, I was alone. All alone. My heart started beating faster. I had to save them. I had to win.  Then without thinking I ran. Ran for my life. Ran for my family. I wanted to end this. I passed China, Japan, Italy, USA and finally reached Canada. I ran towards 43 building. I could see the red button on it. I felt a little happy. I knew I could do it. The tornado was running towards me from behind. I accidently tripped over a rock, but I didn’t give up. I stood up and ran. I reached out my hand to press the button. The tornado screamed “Nooooo!” and then….
“Noor! Noor!” I opened my eyes. My mother was staring at me angrily.
“You’re already late for school! Get up!” She exclaimed.
“Mom! I was just getting to the good part!” I said sleepily. I stood up, got out of bed and said to myself “This dream will finish another day.”
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Comments 7
Ghumaisa It is great and congratulations Ghumaisa
Jun 1st 2012
momina Gud Momina
Jun 1st 2012
Wajeeha Amazing! Wajeeha
May 11th 2012
Noor Thanks alot ! Noor
May 4th 2012
saadia Very good Saadia
May 4th 2012
Ali Exelentre Ali
May 3rd 2012
Ashna Lol...that's a funny story. Very imaginative. Ashna
May 3rd 2012

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