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Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui
Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui
Arab Unity School, Uae
My Ambitions
Published On Apr 30th 2012
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A doctor I would like to be
I'll cure my patients daily
Different medicines I'll prescribe
And so save many a person's life
Or even a pilot would do
I'd steer my plane in the endless blue
Pick and drop people from here to there
And so travel everywhere
Even a vet would be nice
I'd cure animals from dogs to mice
I'd care for them all day long
Until they become healthy and strong
A lawyer also seems to me to be really stately
I'd always do my job fairly and justly
Wonderful statements I would frame
And I definitely wouldn't rest until I cleared a person's name
Or perhaps I'd like to be a teacher
I'm sure I'd love to teach every knowledge-seeker
Every student equally I'd treat
I wouldn't use violence and certainly wouldn't beat
Or even a job as a chef would be good
All day I'd prepare delicious food
I'd open my very own restaurant
And treat my customers with dishes, abundant
There are so many jobs to choose from
I wonder what's the best
But for now I'll just try to
Pass this Chemistry test!
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Comments 4
qurratul Congrates!** Qurratul
May 12th 2014
Princess Hajra It is nice that you got 1st position in ur school. it was very nice. Princess Hajra
Jun 5th 2012
Ayesha Farhan This poem got me first prize in the Poetry Competition held in our school. Ayesha Farhan
May 23rd 2012
Aisha Really nice poem.....Excellently written Aisha
Apr 30th 2012

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